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How to Reduce Air Pollution in The City

There are many ways you can do to minimize pollution in the city, especially air pollution. At present air quality in many major cities in the world does not meet world health standards.

Awareness of pollution hazards in the city must be increased because air pollution can increase health risks for citizens to be exposed to respiratory problems and a number of other health problems

Unhealthy Air Quality

The limit of healthy air quality according to the world health agency is no more than 20 μg / m³, which is the concentration of fine particles from PM10 (10 microns of particles or less) contained in each cubic meter of air.

Minimizing Exposure to Air Pollution on the Road

To minimize air pollution in the city, you can make changes in terms of driving, such as:

  • Switch from private vehicles to public transportation.

Pollution and congestion occur because most private vehicles on the highway are only filled by one person. By switching from private vehicles to public transportation, there will be less smoke from vehicles that pollute the air.

  • Cycling or walking.

Cycling and walking are easy ways to travel at close range without pollution and at the same time healthy. However, when walking or cycling it is recommended to avoid roads with high traffic mobility, especially during rush hour.

  • Close the vehicle window.

To deal with air pollution in your private car, close the window tightly when on a crowded road.

  • Avoid pollution-causing fumes.

Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you especially if the vehicle in front is a diesel truck with vehicle fumes that can pollute the air. If you are behind a vehicle like this, step over for a while and leave them away from you.

  • Caring for the vehicle engine.

Take care of the vehicle you have. Because vehicles that are not properly maintained are more at risk of polluting the surrounding air. Remember, air pollution can even be inside a vehicle.

  • Avoid driving during rush hour.

If there is a need that is not too urgent, avoid traveling at rush hour to minimize exposure to pollution. If you have to go out during rush hour, it is recommended to choose a road that is not too dense with a number of traffic lights that tend to be less.

Preventing Air Pollution at Home

In addition to making changes in terms of driving, to prevent air pollution, you can also do simple things at home to overcome indoor air pollution, and create more fresh air such as:

  • Make a garden at home.

Gardening at home (urban farming) can make the air around the house fresher. To get around limited land, plants do not have to be planted in soil media, but it can also be with hydroponic systems. If everyone does it, then the air quality in the city is expected to improve.

  • Don't smoke inside the house.

Make your home smoke free. Because in cigarette smoke contained at least 4,000 chemicals that can pollute the air. Besides causing pollution, cigarette smoke can also increase the risk of children getting ear infections, respiratory, asthma, cancer and sudden infant death syndrome or (SIDS)

  • Reduce Use of Electronic Devices

Appeal to turn off the lights when leaving the room is very important to follow because these small actions play a major role in reducing air pollution. From now on, do not just turn off the lights, but minimize the use of other electronic devices such as pulling out the power cord if it is not used, using electronic devices such as energy-saving lamps, or using one main lamp in the residential area at night.

In addition, there are still many ways to reduce pollution in the house.

If the simple methods above are done consistently by everyone, then pollution in the city, especially air pollution, will slowly decrease. Thus, breathing clean air and breathing more relieved at the time of leaving or returning home is no longer an impossible thing.



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