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Hypophrenia, crying for no reason You need to know

Women often express feelings that are felt by crying, both because they are happy, touched, and when they are sad. Therefore, women are often dubbed as the weakest beings. This is very natural, because women are more sensitive and emotional than men.

The term hypophrenia may be unfamiliar to the ears of the general public. This term is a human emotional feeling which is actually a response to a situation that befell yourself. This sadness becomes abnormal because someone can feel sad and suddenly cry for no apparent reason. Especially if the sadness then has a negative impact on work, social relations, and even one's physical health.

According to experts, crying suddenly without reason can be an indication of a fundamental problem in physical and mental conditions. In addition, there are several reasons that make you cry for no reason. Among others are:

1. Comprehensive Anxiety Disorders

This anxiety disorder will make your mind focus on a problem that makes you think continuously, making your body tired and lethargic. What's more, you won't be able to rest well at night. This will cause you to feel sad and cry for no reason. A study at the University of Pennsylvania revealed that regular sleep 4-5 hours can have a negative impact on health. This will trigger mood, irritability, and feelings of sadness.

2. Depression or stress conditions

When you are feeling stressed by many things, you will indirectly feel sad and anxious. High levels of sadness and anxiety will make you feel sad and cry suddenly.

3. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is a mental condition when you experience a panic attack triggered by the trauma of past experiences. PTSD generally affects women more than men. Because most women are more sensitive to change, so they feel more intense emotions.

4. Organic Brain Syndrome (OBS)

OBS is a physical disorder that causes a decline in mental function. This condition is usually experienced by seniors. OBS can be categorized as a physical condition that can cause changes in mental disorders.

5. Menstruation

This condition is most common in a woman. Symptoms before menstruation make some parts of the body hurt, especially on the abdomen and hips. In addition, menstruation can also cause you to feel sad and cry for no apparent reason. This is due to hormonal changes, abdominal cramps, bloating, and headaches that you feel during menstruation.

Steps that must be taken to overcome this sadness?

The first step in dealing with sadness is to share. Because basically humans are social beings who should not keep all their own problems. Sharing with friends, family, or even discussing with a psychiatrist or psychologist is a good step to relieve the burden of your feelings. Position yourself in a positive environment that can build you into a better, positive energy person.

The second step is to accept the things that are the cause of the sadness. Accept that not everything can work as you wish. Keep in mind that happiness is a choice, so if you are constantly struggling with sadness and problems that occur, you will not feel happy.

The next step is if your sadness is in an unnatural stage, or even without cause. You may need medical intervention in the form of behavioral therapy combined with drug therapy. At this stage, seeing a psychiatrist is the right step. Because generally psychological treatment will be effective and also with good results.

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