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Impact of lupus disease danger on pregnant and fetuses

Health history is known to affect pregnancy. Call it a disease lupus, yes often women with a history of lupus disease is worried about the condition of pregnancy. People with lupus in the world reach 5 million people. Surely not without reason why pregnant women with lupus are worried, in fact, lupus can indeed have an impact on pregnancy and the fetus in the womb. What are the possible complications of pregnant women with lupus? check out the following reviews.

Lupus disease itself is an inflammatory disease that is strongly related to the immune system. The immune system functions erroneously so that it attacks the tissues and organs of the body itself. Common symptoms of lupus are skin rash, joint pain and swelling, to fatigue.

People who experience autoimmune disorders will be very susceptible to inflammation or inflammation until infection. For pregnant women with lupus must be able to prepare from the beginning of planning a pregnancy. Because it is true lupus disease in pregnant women can have an impact on the mother and fetus in the womb.

The high risk of pregnancy complications in women with a history of lupus often makes pregnant women feel afraid. However, in fact women with lupus can undergo a healthy pregnancy as long as routinely check themselves to the obstetrician and in-depth specialist.

In lupus, there is damage to the body's immunity, where it is necessary to fight viruses, bacteria and germs that attack the body. Normally, body immunity is needed to form antibodies that aim to fight foreign particles that enter the body. Autoimmune disease means body immunity can not distinguish which foreign particles enter into the body and body tissues themselves thus creating autoantibodies that fight and destroy the body's own tissues. Such autoantibodies cause inflammation, pain and damage in parts of the human body.

Symptoms of lupus are often similar to other diseases that are difficult to diagnose, often referred to as 1000 face disease. Difficulty in diagnosis can usually lead to improper handling measures. Symptoms of lupus are very diverse, some are mild and some are life-threatening. This disease is not contagious, but can be dangerous and potentially even deadly.


Common symptoms are:

  • skin rash (butterfly rash)
  • fatigue
  • pain and swelling of the joints


As for some complications or the impact of lupus disease in pregnant women and fetus in the womb are:

  • Prematurely born about 25% of pregnant women with lupus have premature births
  • Miscarriage is one of the dangers of lupus disease in pregnant women. In the know the chances of miscarriage in pregnant women with lupus is large enough in the early trimester. It is estimated that 10% of pregnant women with lupus have a miscarriage
  • Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication in women with subsequent lupus. Usually characterized by high blood pressure and the presence of high protein content in urine. Of course preeclampsia is very dangerous for pregnant women especially if not immediately handled
  • Antiphospolipid antibody syndrome is the occurrence of blood clots around the placenta. As a result of the existence of these disorders the placenta can not function optimally as a result of the bad effects can be felt fetus in the womb with the growth is hampered
  • Low fetal weight
  • Flare lupus is a condition where lupus disease worsens
  • Neonatal lupus is a symptom of lupus in the newborn is usually characterized by redness, lack of blood, to impaired liver function


Judging from some complications of lupus disease in pregnant women of course pregnant women with lupus should be more vigilant to maintain health. even so for pregnant women with lupus must be able to feel a healthy pregnancy as long as required to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diligent to see a doctor. Although up to now the cause of lupus disease is not known for certain, but genetic factors become one of the causes of lupus. A baby's chance of getting lupus can happen, but it is not necessarily a guarantee, there are other causes of lupus. Maintaining health by applying a healthy lifestyle becomes one of the important factors in preventing various diseases.

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