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Impact of Mobile Radiation on Health

The development of technology such as mobile phones has made it easier for us to carry out daily activities. Mobile phones have a multifunctional role to facilitate communication and work. But on the other hand, there are concerns about the effects of mobile phone radiation on health.

Radiation radio waves received and sent by mobile phones can spread in all directions, including the body. Mobile phone radiation is not the same as other types of radiation, such as X-rays in X-rays and CT scans, which have been confirmed to be dangerous if exposed too often. The radiation of mobile phones is not yet known exactly the effect on health. But there are a number of possible effects of radiation on the body because of the mobile phone.

Radiation effects on mobile phones

The following are some of the possible effects of mobile phone radiation on the body:

1. Impact on male fertility

Calling using hands-free might have an impact on male fertility. Why is that? Men who use hands-free when calling tend to put a cellphone in their pants pocket or tuck it on their belts. Because of its location adjacent to the intimate organs, the possibility of radiation released by mobile phones can affect sperm. Sperms exposed to radiation may be damaged, their mobility is lower, and their survival time is short. But research data on these findings are still not consistent and still needs to be reviewed further.

2. Radiation effects of mobile phones on pregnant women

It is advisable to be careful when using a cellphone when you are pregnant. Mobile phone radiation can affect the protective layer surrounding brain nerve cells in the fetus. In addition, children born to pregnant women exposed to mobile phones are thought to be able to experience behavioral problems, such as difficulty getting along, hyperactivity, and being insensitive. Even so, there are also results of studies that do not find valid data regarding the relationship between the two. Other research states that the use of mobile phones does not have an impact on growth and development, including the child's ability to speak. As a precaution, it is recommended to use hands-free when receiving a telephone and does not place a handphone on the stomach.

3. Radiation effects of cellphones and cancer

The relationship between cellphone radiation and cancer is still controversial. Until now there is no strong evidence that mobile phone radiation can increase the risk of getting cancer. Based on the research and observations of experts from various health organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), mobile phone radiation has so far been estimated to possibly have an impact on cancer in humans. However, further research is still needed to support this conclusion.

4. Impact of mobile phone radiation on children

Children are at higher risk of experiencing body damage due to cellphone radiation. In theory, children are more easily exposed to mobile radiation than adults because the child's skull is thinner, the child's brain tissue is easier to absorb, and the body size of the child is smaller. Some studies also show that radio wave radiation from mobile phones has an impact on the formation of tissue abnormalities and the metabolism of nerve cells in the brain. However, the further impact on children's growth and development still cannot be clearly concluded.

Minimizing the Exposure and Radiation Impact of a mobile phone

If you are concerned about the risks that might arise due to cellphone radiation, follow the tips below:

  • Use mobile phones only when needed.
  • Use hands-free or loudspeakers when receiving calls. When calling using hands-free, do not put a cellphone in your pocket or shirt pocket.
  • Keep the cellphone away from the body when not in use.
  • Only use cellphones when the signal is strong. Weak signals make mobile phones use more energy to communicate.
  • It is recommended to communicate via short message rather than the telephone to reduce radiation exposure.
  • Do not let children play the phone for long. Use as needed.

So broadly speaking, the adverse effects of mobile radiation on health are still a possibility, and so far there has been no consistent data to conclude. Further research is needed to determine the impact of mobile phone radiation on health.



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