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Inject vitamin C, is there a side effect?

Now in the community are rife injecting procedures of various types of vitamins are expected to provide various benefits for the body. For example, by injecting vitamin C, the skin can be whiter and the body feels fresher. Not infrequently, procedures such as vitamin C injection are performed by incompetent personnel.

In fact, injection procedures should be performed by professional medical personnel with good supervision of substances injected and procedures. This is done to prevent the occurrence of various unwanted side effects.


Inject Vitamin C, what is the benefit?

One that is often "sold" as an injection that is beneficial to the body is vitamin C, especially with the lure of injecting vitamin C can make skin whiter. Usually this procedure under the guise of a white injection to support the beauty of the skin.

For people in some Asian countries that are attached to the distinctive characteristics of yellow skin, certainly different from other ethnic who have different skin color characteristics. Even in the demographics of Asian society, there are many people who are in the other skin color spectrum. Some have skin tones tend to be whiter, brown, even darker skin tones.

This skin color variation is influenced by melanin, which is a pigment of color found in hair, skin, and the iris of the human eye. Melanin is a natural pigment contained in the body and gives the color of dark brown to blackish. These substances that differentiate skinned people tend to be whiter (slightly melanin) and that tend to be darker (have more melanin).

One way that is often taken to get a whiter skin color is to do inject vitamin C, which is usually accompanied by gluthatione. In fact, the provision of vitamin C through injection without medical indication and doctor supervision is not recommended. This action can lead to various side effects for the body.

In addition to skin whitening, vitamin C injections are also often said to make the body feel fresh, as a stronger version of taking vitamin C supplements every day. In fact, as a component of micronutrients, vitamin C is only needed by the body in small amounts. The rest will be removed with other substances in the urine.

There are indeed some proven benefits from injecting vitamin C, as well as some medical conditions that indicate for someone to get this procedure. These conditions such as bleeding disorders, vitamin C deficiency, and others.

Another high-dose benefit of vitamin D injections is as one combination of cancer therapy, which must be done as part of a therapeutic plan under the watchful eye of the doctor.


Side effects of vitamin C injection

Injecting vitamin C will make the levels of circulating vitamin C in the blood becomes higher. This of course has certain effects in the body other than the emergence of medical conditions that contraindicate the administration of vitamin C through injection.

Implementation of procedures by incompetent personnel often makes things like medical contraindications to be missed. Contraindications to such vitamin C injections such as certain anemia, pregnancy, and lactating mothers.

In pregnant women, for example, vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid commonly used in this procedure can cause impaired blood concentrations in the umbilical cord. This condition will certainly affect the health of mother and fetus.


Provision of high doses of vitamin C by injection can also lead to the formation of kidney stones, resulting in kidney and urinary tract damage. Although vitamin C is classified as non-toxic, side effects of vitamin C overdose may also arise such as headache, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps. Provision of vitamin C more than 1 gram per day can also cause diarrhea.

Vitamin C injections should still be performed by professional medical personnel in adequate services and on the basis of appropriate medical indications. So that the benefits and side effects can be taken into account and accounted for.

Therefore, be careful in response to the rampant offer of vitamin C injections or other vitamins available on the market. If you want to do so, make sure to come to the health service to get the procedure that suits your needs.

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