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Itchy Breast Nipples, Maybe This Is The Cause

Maybe you have suddenly felt itchy nipples. The itching can be mild and severe. Here are some of the causes of itchy nipples and how to overcome them.

Itchy breast nipples are caused by several factors. It can be due to dry skin, or the most severe due to cancer. The itching that arises can vary in severity, the intensity of the desire to scratch can also come occasionally or continuously.

Even though you really want to scratch, you should be careful. Because scratching too often can damage the skin around the breast area, so that the skin in the breast can experience interference, such as redness, cracking, thickening, or inflamed and swollen.

Causes of Itchy Breast Nipples

Some of the causes of itching in the nipples are;

1. Mastitis

A common problem experienced by nursing mothers is mastitis, which is inflammation of the breast tissue. This condition can occur due to blockage of the ducts or infected bacterial breast tissue. Mastitis can make the nipple itchy, swollen, red accompanied by pain or a painful sensation while breastfeeding. Eczema makes the skin dry, itchy, scaly, red, until it breaks, and hardens. If carded to wound, the infection can occur by a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus. This skin disease will often recur and disappear if not treated properly.

Breasts will usually enlarge during pregnancy. Stretching on the skin of the breast can trigger itching with flaking skin. Breast and nipple enlargement occurs due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

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2. Breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that occur in women. Symptoms include redness of the skin in the breast, lumps in the breast, nipples flat or interested, discharge from the nipples, and changes in the skin of the nipples or breasts. Sometimes breast cancer can also cause symptoms of nipples that are painful or itchy.

3. Friction with clothes

If you routinely run, it may be caused by friction between the nipples with clothes. Skin irritation in the breast can also occur if you use a bra that is too narrow. If left unchecked, it will cause wounds, cracked nipples, and even bleeding.

4. Cold and dry air

Cold and dry air can be a cause of itching in your body, including the nipples.

The itching can get worse when you sweat, but don't keep scratching to avoid irritation. To overcome this, take a shower or soak lukewarm water for 1 minute. After that, apply a moisturizing cream to prevent the skin from getting dry.

It can also apply aloe gel or petroleum jelly to the nipple that feels itchy.

5. Menopause

Menopausal age women no longer produce estrogen. In fact, estrogen also plays a role in stimulating collagen production to maintain skin moisture and elasticity. That's why middle-aged and older women's skin is drier, thinner, and more easily irritated, including in the breast.

To overcome this, you need to maintain skin moisture by applying essential oils to the skin, using moisturizers, and not taking too long to bathe.

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6. Paget's disease

Paget's disease is a rare type of breast cancer that specifically attacks the nipples. Symptoms caused by this disease are almost like eczema, namely crusty, scaly and itchy skin. What distinguishes Paget's disease is that the nipple can bleed or emit a yellow liquid.

Paget's disease needs special treatment from a doctor that might include surgery and radiation therapy.

Itching in the nipples can be aggravated if the area is in contact with perfume, soap, and clothes made of wool or artificial fibers.

How to Overcome Breast Itching Nipples

How to deal with itching in the nipples depends on the cause. If you experience eczema, it is recommended to maintain the skin's natural moisture by using moisturizers. In addition, avoid substances that can irritate the skin, such as scented soap, detergent, or coloring. For treatment, this condition is usually treated with ointments containing emollients and corticosteroids.

For those who like running, you can use a cream that can protect nipples from friction, such as petroleum jelly. It is also recommended to use a bra that is comfortable and not too tight.

As for pregnant and lactating women, you can wear a bra made of cotton so that the flow of air in the breast smoothly, and avoid using hard-made soap. Another way can also be by smearing the nipples with soft white paraffin or pure lanolin and giving a cold compress to the nipple to reduce itching.

For further treatment, it is recommended to consult a doctor, especially if the itching of your nipples does not improve or the condition worsens, such as causing fever, severe pain, nipples being pulled into, blood or yellow or brown liquid, there is weight loss for no apparent reason, and changes in the skin resemble orange peel.

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