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Know the Benefits of a Humidifier for Health

The humidifier is an air humidifier that works by spraying water vapor into the air. This water vapor will increase the humidity of the air so that it is in the ideal range. In addition to regulating air humidity, a humidifier is also useful to overcome the irritation caused by dry air, such as dry skin, cracked lips, runny nose, and sore throat. However, excessive use of a humidifier can also worsen respiratory problems.

Benefits of a Humidifier

Here are some benefits that you can get from using a humidifier, including:

1. Prevent sore throat

A sore throat can occur when the humidity level in the room is very low. Humidifiers can alleviate this condition by increasing the humidity in the room, thereby speeding up healing and preventing sore throats from recurring.

2. Moisturizes the skin and cracked lips

Too long in an air-conditioned room can cause the skin to dry out and chapped lips. This happens because the use of air conditioning makes the air dry, thus affecting the moisture of the skin and lips. The use of air moisturizers such as humidifiers in homes or rooms can prevent these conditions.

3. Protect eyes from irritation

Foreign dust and particles can spread very quickly when the air is dry, making it easy to irritate the surface of the eye. A useful humidifier increases the humidity of the surrounding air and inhibits the spread of dust particles in the air.

4. Make breathing easier

Dry air is one of the causes of congestion and difficulty breathing. Using a humidifier can relieve nasal congestion because it can increase the humidity of the surrounding air. In addition, the humidifier is also useful to eliminate discomfort due to allergic symptoms that often attack the respiratory tract.

5. Prevent nosebleeds and sore throats

Nosebleeds are generally triggered by problems that affect the upper airways including the nose, such as allergies and colds. But this condition can be prevented by using a humidifier, which can keep the air moist. In addition, the use of air moisturizers can also prevent you from a sore throat caused by viral and bacterial infections.

Ideally, humidity in the room ranges from 30 to 50 percent. Too low moisture can cause the skin to dry out and irritate the respiratory tract. However, too high humidity is also not good, because it can cause room air to become stuffy and trigger the growth of fungi, bacteria, and mites.

Keep in mind of a shortage of Humidifiers

Behind the advantages of a humidifier, there are negative impacts that you need to know from the use of air humidifiers. Here are some of the disadvantages that a humidifier might cause, such as:

Growth of bacteria and fungi

When you decide to use an artificial air humidifier such as a humidifier, you must be prepared to clean the device regularly to minimize the growth of bacteria and fungi. If you are lazy to clean the humidifier, you run the risk of getting respiratory infections caused by bacteria and fungi.

Risk of allergic recurrence

If the humidifier is rarely cleaned or not cleaned properly, it is not a good impact that can be obtained but the risk of getting the disease. A dirty humidifier can pollute the air in the room, which can cause the recurrence of symptoms of allergies and asthma. Therefore, it is important to clean the humidifier in the right way.


Some types of humidifiers produce noisy sound when starting to work. However, you can replace it with a quieter ultrasonic model.

Excess moisture

Sometimes, some humidifiers are not equipped with a humidity gauge, such as a humidistat or hygrometer. So, you are required to check the air humidity in the room manually, so the room is not too damp. If the air in the room is too moist, it can increase the growth of bacteria and fungi. Moisture that is too high in the room can also damage the structure of the building.

Tips for Cleaning a Humidifier

For the humidifier to be free of bacterial and fungal growth, you need to follow a few tips on cleaning the correct humidifier.

Clean the humidifier every three days

Clean the humidifier part of the mineral deposits using a hydrogen peroxide solution. It is recommended that you regularly clean the humidifier tank every three days, to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Replace the air humidifier regularly

Before you replace the air humidifier, it should empty the humidifier tank first. Then dry the inside of the tank and refill it with clean water. You are recommended to replace water from the humidifier every day, if possible.

Always rinse the tank after cleaning

In order to avoid harmful substances that are brought along while cleaning the humidifier, you should rinse the humidifier until it is completely clean so that no harmful chemicals enter the tank.

Use distilled water or demineralization

When you replace the air humidifier, it is recommended to use distilled water (demineralization). This aims to reduce mineral dust which is also released into the air. In addition, cleaning the tank using distilled water is also useful to reduce mineral deposits that trigger bacterial growth.

The use of a humidifier in a room that has a low humidity level is indeed very useful. However, if you have a history of certain respiratory diseases, such as asthma, it is advisable to consult a doctor first before you take advantage of the humidifier.

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