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Know the Functions and Sources of Essential Amino Acids Foods

Our bodies need amino acids to survive, including essential amino acids. Various food ingredients can be consumed to obtain essential amino acids.

The amino acids themselves are actually organic compounds that combine to become proteins. When you eat foods that contain protein, the protein in these foods will undergo a decomposition process. The results of this decomposition will then produce amino acids that will be left in the body, and are used for various functions.

What Is Essential Amino Acid?

There are several types of amino acids, namely conditional amino acids, non-essential amino acids, and essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are the type needed by the human body, but the body cannot produce itself. So that it requires foods that contain essential amino acids to fulfill their needs. Amino acids included in essential amino acids include valine, histidine, tryptophan, isoleucine, lysine, leucine, methionine, threonine, and phenylalanine.

After going through the process of decomposition and digestion, these amino acids will provide various important benefits for the body. Starting from repairing body tissue, helping normal growth, breaking down food, and as a source of energy for the body.

Benefits of amino acids for the body

1. Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss can not only be prevented by beauty products. One of the benefits of amino acids also helps prevent hair loss while maintaining healthy skin and nails.

According to research on Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, hair loss is closely related to iron deficiency and unorthodox lysine intake. Well, lysine itself is one of the many types of amino acids.

2. Increase Muscle Mass

The benefits of amino acids are also guaranteed to make your muscles "smile". How come? Because your muscles are formed from proteins that consist of various kinds of amino acids. Now, the more muscle is formed, the less room for fat in the body.

3. Good for the Heart

According to a study in the US National Library of Medicine's National Institutes of Health, amino acids are good for maintaining heart health. Because some amino acids are considered as important nutrients for maintaining cardiovascular function. Experts say, the lack of several types of amino acids is associated with heart disease.

4. Maintaining a Balance of Hormones and Enzymes

You have to be vigilant if you lack amino acids, because it can be a mess of hormones and enzymes in your body, especially balance hormones. The benefits of amino acids function to release insulin so as to maintain the level of blood sugar balance. Now, if growth hormone can increase the development of muscle mass and help the process of burning fat and energy, and strengthen bones and collagen.

5. Increase Stamina and Memory

Foods that are rich in amino acids can also prevent you from getting tired. In addition, the benefits of amino acids can also improve the process of ammonia detoxification by the liver. As a result, your overall body health is increasing. Not only that, he can also avoid depression and improve memory.

Various Foods That Contain Essential Amino Acids

As mentioned above, there are various types of essential amino acids. The following are various foods that are sources of essential amino acids, based on their type.


If you want to get isoleucine, try eating egg whites. Apart from not having a lot of fat, egg whites also contain a lot of isoleucine. Not only egg white, other foods such as lamb, turkey, crab, chicken, tuna, cod, and soybeans are also good sources of isoleucine.


Chicken breast and turkey are foods that contain high levels of lysine. In addition, foods such as watercress, seaweed, and parsley leaves also have high lysine content. In addition, you can also get lysine from foods such as tuna.


Foods that are rich in threonine are spinach and raw watercress. Other choices for foods containing threonine include tilapia, egg white, turkey, and soybeans.


Tuna, cod, chicken, turkey, and red beans are foods that contain histidine. As for the higher histidine content you can consume processed pork products, which are good histidine sources.


Not only contains lysine and isoleucine, foods like seaweed, and tuna also contain leucine. While other foods that are rich in leucine include soybeans, egg white, and chicken.


Foods that have a high valine content are eggs. Besides eggs, other foods that are a source of valine include seaweed, watercress, turkey, and spinach.


Sea lions and deer meat are actually high tryptophan foods. However, maybe both types of meat are not commonly consumed and difficult to obtain. To get tryptophan, you can also eat soybeans, spinach, seaweed, egg white, and turkey.


Foods containing methionine include chicken, turkey, crab, lobster and tuna. However, some of these foods are still inferior compared to egg white. Egg white has a high methionine content. Egg white also contains other essential amino acids which are certainly good for the body.


To get phenylalanine with a high enough amount, you can consume several types of meat. Like turkey, lamb, beef or pork. Sesame flour, cotton seed flour, and salmon include foods containing phenylalanine.

Try to consume more foods that contain essential amino acids, as mentioned above. Lots of benefits for health and fitness, which you can get from various types of food.

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