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Learn More About Yellow Spots in the Eye

Yellow spots in the eyes often cause anxiety. Besides disturbing appearance, yellow spots on the eyeball are also not infrequently causing discomfort. What exactly is this yellow spot and how to treat it?

Yellow spots in the eye are generally caused by pingueculae, which are benign lumps or growths in the clear layer lining the white part of the eye (conjunctiva). These lumps are formed from a buildup of fat, protein, or calcium. Yellow spots in the eyes can appear at any age but are often experienced by the elderly. Usually, this yellow spot appears on the side of the eyeball close to the nose.

What Causes Yellow Spots on the Eyes?

The cause of the appearance of yellow spots in the eye is still not known with certainty. However, several factors can increase a person's risk of experiencing this condition, including:

  • Male sex.
  • Advanced age.
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight, for example, residents living in hot areas or field workers.
  • Being exposed to dust and wind continuously.
  • Use contact lenses.

What are the symptoms of yellow spots in the eyes?

In addition to the appearance of yellowish-white or yellowish bumps in the eye, this condition can also cause other symptoms, such as dry and red eyes, and a lump in the eye.

If the yellow spots on the eye are infected, the size will enlarge and can cause eye pain, headaches, and watery eyes. The condition in which a pinguecula develops an infection is called a pinguecula.

Are Yellow Spots in the Eye a Dangerous Condition?

Yellow spots in the eyes are generally benign and do not cause blindness. But over time, these yellow spots can widen and cover the cornea, and cause vision problems. This condition is called a pterygium.

How to get rid of yellow spots in the eye?

Yellow spots in the eyes generally do not need special handling. The doctor will only give eye drops or eye ointments to reduce irritation and maintain eye moisture.

However, if this complaint is felt to be very disturbing, surgery can be done to remove the yellow spots in the eye. The doctor will usually recommend surgery if:

  • Yellow spots grow over the cornea so that it interferes with vision.
  • Yellow spots make it difficult for sufferers to use contact lenses.
  • Yellow spots have severe or prolonged inflammation, even though drops or ointments have been given.

Surgical removal of yellow spots in the eye is quite safe and minimal complications. In addition to improving the appearance of the eye, surgery can also reduce complaints of dry eyes that are often experienced by patients. However, this yellow spot can grow back, so the doctor will usually prescribe medication to prevent it.

How to prevent yellow spots in the eye?

Several ways can be done to protect the eyes and prevent the appearance of yellow spots on the eyes. One of them is using sunglasses when outside the room so that the eyes are protected from sun exposure.

If you work in an environment that is vulnerable to exposure to substances or chemicals, wear special glasses to prevent irritation to the eyes. If your eyes often feel dry, apply eye drops regularly according to doctor's instructions, so that eye moisture is maintained.

Yellow spots in the eyes do not cause blindness but can cause discomfort that can interfere with daily activities. If the yellow spots on your eyes widen, change color, or change shape, you should immediately consult a doctor so that treatment can be given.

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