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Like to Drink Celery Juice? Read the Benefits Here!

Celery, which was used more often to add flavor to cooking, like soup, is now a favorite among juice lovers. Yes, celery juice is becoming a trend because it is considered to be a healthy alternative to the body. Is this correct?

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As one type of nutritious green vegetable, celery is indeed rich in various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are good for the body. Today, celery is also often considered one of the superfoods, because it is useful in helping to overcome several health conditions, including inflammation, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels.

In terms of its nutritional content, celery has a high content of vitamins K, A, B2, B6 and C. In addition, celery is also a good source of various nutrients, such as folic acid, potassium, manganate, pantothenic acid, and fiber.

Celery leaves and seeds also contain chemicals called phytonutrients, which have good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities. In addition, celery also has low calorie and sugar content, which makes it an ideal choice for tasty and nutritious snacks.

Benefits of celery juice

Most of the research conducted regarding the consumption of celery juice focuses on the health benefits that arise from the specific substances it contains. The two types of antioxidants contained in celery are apigenin and luteolin, which are proven to reduce inflammation and overcome a series of diseases.

The content of apigenin and luteolin on celery can also help alleviate some health conditions. Such as inflammation, joint pain, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

One study conducted in 2017 investigated the role of luteolin in reducing inflammation and allergic responses in animal experiments with these conditions.

The results obtained showed that exposure to luteolin before experimental animals exposed to an allergen could significantly reduce inflammation in the lungs and respiratory tract. However, further research is still needed to confirm whether luteolin has a similar effect on humans.

Another study investigated the role of apigenin in relieving symptoms of arthritis in experimental animals. The results showed that experimental animals exposed to apigenin substances experienced less tissue inflammation compared to those not exposed to apigenin substances. In addition, the symptoms of arthritis that are experienced are also lighter.

The benefits of celery in reducing cholesterol levels were also observed in studies using experimental animals. The researchers gave a 30-day intake of celery leaf extract to the experimental animals.

The results showed a decrease in low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol when compared with experimental animals that did not get celery leaf extract.

Meanwhile, regarding its benefits in reducing blood pressure, celery contains a chemical called 3-n-butilftalida (3nB), which is thought to play a role in maintaining blood pressure stability.

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How to make the right celery juice

Do not need other ingredients to make a fresh and healthy glass of celery juice. Only one bunch of celery has a large stem because it contains more water.

The trick, enter all the celery stems into the juicer so that the water and pulp can be separated. By using a juicer, more water from the celery stem will come out and you can enjoy it more deliciously without being mixed with the fiber.

Celery juice can be one of the choices for thirst-releasing drinks. Besides being tasty and fresh, this drink also has many health benefits, including reducing inflammation, helping to keep cholesterol levels stable, and helping to lower blood pressure. Therefore, do not hesitate to occasionally consume celery juice.

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