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List of Foods Containing Folic Acid

Folic acid is vitamin B9 which is soluble in water. The benefits of folic acid are very much for the health of the body, especially for pregnant women. In pregnant women, lack of folic acid can cause a number of adverse effects, such as neural tube defects, low birth weight, cleft lip, and so on.

Here are some benefits you can get from folic acid:

  • Prevent birth defects such as neural tube defects (birth defects in parts of the brain, spine and spinal cord).
  • Reducing the risk of premature babies or low birth weight babies.
  • Maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.
  • Helps maintain cell function in your body.
  • Helps form red blood cells and a person's DNA.
  • Prevent anemia and heart disease.

Folic acid may also benefit from several conditions such as:

  • Reduces the risk of vision loss due to age.
  • Relieves symptoms of depression, if taken together with antidepressant drugs.
  • Reducing high blood pressure.
  • Applying folic acid can help overcome gum problems caused by pregnancy or because of taking certain drugs.
  • Relieves symptoms of vitiligo.


Nonetheless, the benefits of folic acid for these conditions still need further investigation.

Folic acid itself cannot be produced in the body, so these nutritional needs must be met from your daily food intake. Then, what are the food sources that contain folic acid?

  • Chicken's liver. The content of folic acid in the chicken liver is 578 micrograms in 100 grams of chicken liver.
  • Koro beans. One cup of koro beans contains 358 micrograms of folic acid.
  • One cup of vegetable asparagus contains 262 micrograms of folic acid.
  • This vegetable has folic acid content of 194 micrograms in one cup.
  • One cup of lentils has 181 micrograms of folic acid in one cup.
  • Egg yolk. Egg yolk contains 145 micrograms of folic acid.
  • One cup of peanuts contains 120 micrograms of folic acid.
  • In one cup avocado contains 110 micrograms of folic acid.
  • Beetroot In one cup beetroot contains 107 micrograms of folic acid.
  • One cup of corn contains 76 micrograms of folic acid.
  • One cup of orange contains 74 micrograms of folic acid.
  • One cup of broccoli contains 63 micrograms of folic acid.
  • Wheat bread. Bread made from wheat contains 65 micrograms of folic acid.
  • One cup of cabbage has 43 micrograms of folic acid.
  • Green beans. One cup of green beans contains 42 micrograms of folic acid.
  • Papaya contains 38 micrograms of folic acid.
  • One cup of celery contains 35 micrograms of folic acid.
  • One cup of kale vegetable contains 29 micrograms of folic acid.
  • One Potatoes contains 28 micrograms of folic acid.
  • Banana has 20 micrograms of folic acid.
  • Strawberry fruit contains 24 micrograms of folic acid.


The need for folic acid varies among people. If your daily food intake is considered lacking to meet nutritional needs, or you have certain disease conditions, you should discuss further with your doctor whether you need to use additional folic acid supplements.

To fulfill a healthy daily nutritional intake, make sure your nutritional needs are not only from the food sources of folic acid above. Keep up with the intake of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vegetables, and fruit.

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