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Male Fertility, Time and Fertility Level

Unlike a woman's fertile period, a man's fertile period can be measured through the quantity and quality of sperm, as well as several other factors that can affect fertility. Anything ?, see the following review!

In lay circles, most people only consider fertility problems as a matter of women. In fact, men also have fertile periods that will determine the success or failure of the pregnancy process. It's just that, the fertile period of men is different from the fertile period of women who are more commonly known.

It's just that, the fertile period of men is different from the fertile period of women who are more commonly known. In men, as long as they produce good quality sperm and in sufficient quantities, it can be considered still in the fertile period.

So, when is male fertility?

In men, as long as they produce good quality sperm in sufficient quantities, and can fertilize the egg in a natural way, then it can be considered still in the fertile period. However, what is really the quality of a man's fertile sperm?

The fertile period of a man can indeed be measured through his sperm. The following are some indications that can determine how fertile a man is.

Sperm quantity

The number of sperm in one ejaculation is very influential on the possibility of success in fertilizing the partner's egg cell. Ideally, once ejaculated, a man can remove up to 15 million sperm cells per milliliter. If there is less than this amount, then the possibility of fertilizing the egg will also decrease.

Sperm movement

Movement good sperm or motility must have agile movements to reach and fertilize the egg. Before fertilizing the egg, sperm must stay alive while swimming across the cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes. In order for the possibility of fertilization to occur, at least 40 percent of sperm must have good mobility.

Sperm structure

Normally, the shape of the sperm consists of an oval and long-tailed head. This form supports the movement of sperm towards the egg. Fertile men have more than 50 percent of normal-shaped sperm. A good sperm structure will help increase the chances of conception, or pregnancy.


Male fertility is closely related to the hormone testosterone. The low level of the main sex hormone in men can be one of the causes of fertility problems in men.

Some Other Things That Affect Male Fertility

In theory, the fertile period of a man lasts as long as the quality and quantity of his sperm is maintained. For this reason, you need to pay attention to things that can affect sperm quality, including:


Modern life makes some people decide to delay having children. In fact, the fertility rate and quality of male sperm will decrease with age. In general, the fertile period of men decreases when they reach their 40s.

Food and sports

Male fertility is also closely related to diet and physical activity. Applying a healthy diet with a variety of balanced nutrition and diligent exercise, can help keep the quality of sperm prime. You can add various sperm enhancing foods to your daily menu. Foods like fish, vegetables, and whole grains will make sperm more active and increase the chances of male fertility.

Everyday Habits

In order to maintain the quality of fertility, men are advised not to wear tight pants because it can increase body temperature. Also for those who often work using portable computers or laptops, do not ever put it on thighs because heat radiation from the laptop can affect and make sperm cells die faster. Finally, do not be too long in a sitting position because it will suppress the genitals and trigger an increase in hot temperatures faster which will later affect the quality and quantity of sperm produced.

Temperature and radiation

In order to remain fertile, the testicles must have a temperature of 1 or 2 degrees Celsius cooler than body temperature. For that, avoid using underpants that are too tight, soak in warm water, and take a warm bath, because it can increase the temperature around the testicles so that it slows sperm production. Radiation exposure and toxic chemicals, such as lead and pesticides, can also interfere with fertility.

Make sure you are free of sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, risk inhibiting the fertilization process. Chlamydia causes swelling and pain in the scrotum.

By avoiding the risk factors above, the quality and health of sperm are expected to remain optimal. The maintenance of sperm quality will automatically increase male fertility.

Healthy food consumption

Diligent in consuming vegetables, fruits, nuts, and high protein side dishes is very good for health. For example, consuming carrots that contain beta carotene and tomatoes containing lycopine, are both important substances that help improve sperm quality, movement, speed and agility. Lycopene also helps increase the quantity of sperm when compared to men who do not consume lycopene. Besides tomatoes, lycopene can also be obtained by consuming papaya or watermelon.

It is also not wrong if you want to consume additional multivitamins to meet the needs of vitamin C and vitamins that help maintain your immune system and ward off free radicals that make men healthier. Eat foods that contain important minerals such as zinc and selenium which are important for fertility. You can get it by consuming fish and red meat.

Healthy sexual relations

Having sex with a legitimate partner on a regular basis can also help maintain the quality of a man's sperm. Having healthy sexual intercourse can you and your partner do 3 to 4 times a week, provided that they do so at a distance or pause so that sperm that have been ejaculated and still survive in the uterus can do their job well towards the egg. It's better to first talk about the fertile period with your partner, so you can adjust each other's time for the right way to get pregnant quickly.

Having sexual intercourse when the wife is in fertile period will increase sperm work while increasing the chances of pregnancy. While to increase sexual desire alone, can try to consume ginseng herbal plants which according to research help increase sperm production and overcome erectile dysfunction problems.

Stress and excessive physical fatigue

Psychic conditions greatly affect physical conditions, and vice versa. Too push yourself to work until heavy fatigue will affect your body mentally. In a state of fatigue, a person is easily carried away by emotions and often cannot think clearly. In stressful conditions alone can affect the body by the disruption of the hormone testosterone which of course will also affect the sperm produced.

Some studies claim that the fertile period of men will increase in the morning because more sperm production is compared to at night. Even so, the difference in sperm counts in the morning and night is actually not too significant. Production of sperm in the morning can reach 88 million, while at night 87 million sperm. The difference in number does not really affect the fertilization process, the article only requires one 'great swimmer' to fertilize.

So, there is no need to worry about morning or night for couples who want to increase the chances of pregnancy. Focus on how to maintain the quality and quantity of sperm, and the time to have sex that is close to the fertile period of a woman.

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