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Measuring Women's Fertility from Breast Size

Breasts are glandular organs. Breasts are very sensitive to hormonal changes. In fact, your breast changes according to the menstrual cycle.

Breast tissue undergoes periodic changes along with changes that occur in the uterus. When the lining of the uterus is filled with fluid, the breast also experiences it, and otherwise.

A study was conducted by a researcher named Jasienska G on 119 women. The aim is to find out the relationship between a woman's fertility and breast and hip size.

Though usually, a woman's fertility is determined through a series of examinations which include physical, hormonal, and radiological examinations. This examination is quite a time consuming and costs little.

In a study conducted by Jasienska, respondents consisting of women aged 24-37 years, breast and hip measurements were performed. At the same time, measurements of the levels of estradiol and progesterone are carried out through saliva.

Both of these hormones play a role in determining a woman's fertility. Estradiol is a hormone that regulates the optimal size of the egg and makes the uterine wall thickness ideal. This makes the fertilized egg can stick and develop well.

The higher the level of estradiol, the better the quality of the egg and the condition of attaching the fetus to the uterus is more conducive. Conversely, if the estradiol level is low, the potential of sperm to fertilize the egg will be lower.

Another type of hormone, namely progesterone, is very important in maintaining the stability of the uterine condition and maintaining optimal fetal development. The higher the levels of these two hormones in the body, the higher the chance of a woman's fertility.

From the study, it was also known that women with large breasts and slender hips had higher estradiol and progesterone levels than other body forms. The comparative body shape is the body with small breasts and large hips, large breasts, and large hips, and small breasts and small hips.

With the results of this study, many experts who later concluded the figure of large breasts and slim hips can be the first sign of a woman's fertility. However, this figure is not the price of a person's fertility.

One other influence factor is a lifestyle and diet that must be maintained healthy. Thus, the reproductive organs can also be maintained healthy and functioning properly.

So, you can also determine a woman's fertility from the size of her breasts and hips. However, to find out more precisely, you should do a medical examination.

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