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Meditation, healthy way youth to stress free

Many people are now interested in the practice of meditation. This one activity is healthy, and suitable for all ages of children, teenagers, and parents. The benefits are many if you are diligent in doing meditation every day.

Reported by Newsweek, Lorraine Murray, founder of Connected Kids training program and author of Calm Kids and Connected Kids, has dedicated more than 10 years to teach adults how to empower children through meditation.

Working with parents and educators, Murray is aware of the importance of applying an element of equanimity to children, youth, and young people with special needs. He explains how meditation can be just as useful for children and adolescents.

Meditation for children and adolescents

As you know, children and adolescents are still in the development stage. However, their growth may be hampered due to increased stress as a result of lifestyle. One of them the use of technology such as social media.

"Teaching teens and children meditation is important to help reduce the impact of stress. When the brain is burdened, the information storage function will not work effectively, affecting their level of learning and concentration, "Murray said.

On the other hand, meditation also helps children and adolescents build self-confidence and resilience. As they learn to understand the signals in the body due to stress, they can use the technique of meditation to overcome such internal problems.

Then how to teach meditation for children and adolescents? It takes a fresh, young and creative approach so they can understand their ways well. Choose subjects that interest them to be stimulated to perform certain movements.

In addition to a special approach, meditation techniques applied to children and adolescents are also practically different. "First, the breath is a fairly abstract concept for children to understand. Therefore, I use a number of techniques and tools to help children's visual aid, such as toothbrushes, "explained Murray.

He knows that using imagination can be an excellent way to help children understand meditation, while eliminating the burden of mind due to stress.

Benefits of meditation for children and adolescents

There are so many benefits of meditation. Especially in teens and children, they can get a more stable emotions.

With meditation, you will have a new perspective in viewing the situation, feeling more alert, able to ward off negative energy, be more patient and calm. In fact, meditation is done regularly also called able to improve the imagination and creativity.

In addition, according to some studies, meditation is expressed as a very effective activity to improve the symptoms of anxiety disorders and depression. Ultimately, he is able to improve his own mental health.

How about stress management? Research conducted by the University of Wisconsin in the United States states that respondents who do meditation for eight weeks regularly decreased stress levels.

In addition to the reduction of stress, they tend to be more optimistic in life. This ultimately makes them avoid a variety of dangerous diseases triggered by stress.

Interestingly, meditation need not be done while sitting. You can also do it while sitting, eating, even brushing your teeth. Because the core of meditation is breath and awareness (for example, you realize you are sitting, eating, brushing your teeth, etc.).

To be more exciting, do not just children and adolescents who meditate to reduce stress. You can also do it together with the child. Find information on places that provide meditation training courses in the area nearest your home. Good luck!

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