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Not Only the Problem of Diarrhea, Flies Can Cause Blindness

Almost everyone knows that flies are animals that like to sit in dirty places and like to throw their waste in the food or drink that they flock to. Not only causes diarrhea, flies can also make you get a bacterial infection that can lead to blindness, namely trachoma.

Learn more about trachoma

Trachoma is one type of eye infection that begins with itching and irritation of the eyelids. The infection is caused by the Chlamydia Trachomatis bacteria.

This bacterium can infect the eye if someone exchanges clothes or towels with trachoma sufferers. Environmental conditions that are not clean, the absence of clean water sources, and the use of shared latrines can increase the risk of transmission of this disease.

In fact, even these harmful bacteria can be spread by flies. If flies carrying Chlamydia bacteria then land on someone's hand or perch around the eyes, it can cause trachoma.

Reporting from various sources, blindness due to trachoma still threatens a number of countries, such as Ethiopia and other developing countries. Until 2013, this disease had afflicted more than 20 million people worldwide.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), 2.2 million people experience visual impairment due to trachoma. While the other 1.2 million have experienced blindness.

House flies carrying Chlamydia bacteria are usually attracted to eye fluids. So, they will land in the area, then suck the liquid and lead to the transmission of bacteria that cause trachoma disease.

Chlamydia bacteria can stick more because of touching fingers or other objects. Therefore, it is important for you to immediately wash your face and eye area with clean running water and soap to minimize the adverse effects of these bacteria.

The impact of ignoring eye infections due to flies

If not treated immediately, bacterial infection of the eye will cause the condition of the eyelid that goes into. So, even lashes continue to grow inward and touch the cornea of the eye.

As a result, there can be continuous scratches from the lashes on the cornea which causes scar tissue to appear on the cornea to damage vision or blindness. Moreover, scar tissue in the cornea of the eye can even remove mucus and pus, which is very disturbing to the sufferer.

Usually, those who experience this infection are children aged 4-6 years and women. Why are women more infected? Because, it is women who usually care for children who are sick with eyes. Thus, their chances of contracting are even greater.

So, if symptoms such as red eyes, runny eyes, itching, pain, and sharpness of vision decrease after being caught by flies, you should immediately see a doctor.

Because, if not immediately handled quickly, the risk can be fatal. If the condition of the eye is already severe as described above, then there is no other way than to do the surgery.

In addition, doctors will also give 2 types of antibiotics. The first is the antibiotic tetracycline ointment and azithromycin tablet antibiotic.

In essence, the faster it is handled, the greater your chance to recover from a disease that can be transmitted by these fly animals.

WHO also emphasizes to the community to always maintain the cleanliness of face and body, while at the same time improving the condition of slum dwelling environments to be cleaner and livable.

Because trachoma is a disease that often afflicts residents who live in less clean environments. After all, the more dirty the environment, the more flies that live in the area. So, do not be lazy to always maintain personal hygiene and the environment if you do not want to get a bacterial infection that can cause diarrhea to blindness.

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