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Nutrition and the Benefits of Green Beans for Pregnant Women

There are various benefits of green beans for pregnant women who need not doubt. Many beneficial nutrients in green beans, such as folic acid, thiamin and iron. These three vitamins and minerals are substances that are needed by women during pregnancy.

When pregnant, eating healthy foods must be improved. It is recommended to consume a variety of foods, because pregnant women need a variety of nutrients to help the health of fetal growth and development.

Content of Green Bean is beneficial for pregnant women

There are various benefits of green beans for pregnant women which are seen from the content of vitamins and nutrients in them:

Helps baby's brain development

One of the substances in green beans is thiamin, which is also known as vitamin B1. The main benefit of thiamin is to convert carbohydrates into energy. Even though you are pregnant, fulfilling your thiamin needs is very helpful in maintaining your baby's health at birth. In addition to playing a role in maintaining the function of muscles, nervous system, and heart in pregnant women, thiamin function is also important in helping the development of the baby's brain.

Prevents low birth weight babies and premature births

The benefits of green beans for pregnant women are no less important, namely as a source of iron. Pregnant women should get additional iron for placental growth and fetal development, especially in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. Iron deficiency during pregnancy increases the risk of low birth weight babies, premature babies and infant mortality. During pregnancy, pregnant women need more iron, which is around 25 mg per day.

Prevent birth defects in infants

Folic acid contained in green beans is needed during pregnancy, so it is often touted as a hero substance for pregnant women. A study shows that taking folic acid before pregnancy can help prevent birth defects including neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, encephalocele and anencephaly. Consumption of folic acid as much as 400 mcg per day before and during pregnancy will help prevent babies born with abnormalities in the brain and spinal cord.

Maintain heart health

If the heart is able to pump blood well throughout the body, it allows the nutritional intake of pregnant women to be distributed properly to the fetus. Green beans contain a fairly low level of fat and unsaturated fat content that is good for heart health.

In addition, there are at least 347 kilocalories in green gram and 1.15 grams of fat. With relatively low fat content, regular consumption of green beans can help cholesterol sufferers to naturally reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

Prevent anemia

Anemia in pregnancy is very dangerous because of the risk of causing miscarriage or bleeding during labor. Anemia is indeed of many types but one of the causes of anemia during pregnancy is a lack of folic acid deficiency and vitamin B12 deficiency. In addition, to prevent anemia, the body also needs iron which helps in the process of forming blood hemoglobin.

Promotes metabolism

The fiber content in green beans is believed to be able to overcome the difficulty of defecation that is often experienced by pregnant women. If pregnant women lack fiber, it can disrupt the process of absorption of nutrients for the mother and fetus.

Maintain nerve health

In 100 grams of green beans there are 0.164 mg thiamin. Thiamin or commonly known as vitamin B1 can convert carbohydrates into energy. In addition, thiamin also plays a role in facilitating the function of the muscles, nervous system and heart in order to work normally. Therefore, when pregnant and breastfeeding, meet your needs for a minimum of 1.4 mg per day.

Accelerate wound healing

During labor the possibility of damage to cells, especially in the birth canal area is very likely to occur. In order for the wound healing process to run fast, the body needs protein.

Compared to eggs and meat, the protein content in green beans is fairly high, especially complex proteins. Protein is also important to be consumed for fetal growth so it is very good to consume especially during the early pregnancy.

There are various nutrients that can be taken as benefits of green beans for pregnant women. After knowing the nutritional content, you certainly don't need to hesitate to consume green beans during pregnancy. You can make green beans as an additional intake in the daily menu, in addition to fruits and vegetables. Further consultation with the obstetrician, to get the right nutritional advice during pregnancy.

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