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Nutritional Completeness Behind the Benefits of Salmon

The benefits of salmon for the body are very diverse because these fish are a source of high-quality protein. Besides containing a lot of protein, salmon has also long been known as a fish that is rich in vitamins and minerals that are important for the body.

Some important minerals in salmon include potassium, selenium, and vitamin B12. Other ingredients contained in salmon are omega-3 fatty acids. This substance is a natural essential fatty acid in salmon, which is in the form of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA acid (docosahexaenoic acid).

Various Benefits of Salmon

With a series of important contents it has, salmon is strongly recommended to be consumed as a daily food menu. Salmon has many health benefits, including:

1. Good for the heart

One of the ingredients of salmon that is important for heart health is omega-3 fatty acids. This substance is a type of unsaturated fatty acids that can help nourish the heart by reducing the occurrence of inflammation throughout the body. If not controlled, inflammation can damage blood vessels and cause heart disease. Another function of omega-3 fatty acids is to help reduce triglycerides or bad cholesterol, and help lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke, heart failure, and clots

2. Supports brain development

One of the benefits of salmon for children is to help improve their brain development. This can happen thanks to the content of EPA omega-3 fatty acids in salmon. Not only is it useful for children's brain development, but omega-3 fatty acids in salmon are also likely to be useful for children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD). Consumption of fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce the symptoms of the disorder.

3. Good for skin and hair

If you are on a low-fat diet that results in skin and hair lacking fat, then salmon can be a solution. Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon will help meet the body's fat requirements so that the skin does not become dull and the hair remains healthy and shiny. Considering its benefits for the skin, omega-3 fatty acids are being tested for psoriasis treatment.

4. Play a role in bone health

Sunlight can help the synthesis of vitamin D in our bodies. Besides being produced by the body with the help of sunlight, vitamin D can also be obtained from food, one of which is from salmon. Salmon is one type of food source of vitamin D that is very well consumed to maintain and improve bone health.

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5. Overcoming depression

Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon that are consumed along with antidepressant drugs given by doctors, are believed to be useful to help overcome depression. According to research, pregnant women who consume omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy will reduce the risk of depression after a pregnancy.

6. Help prevent cell damage

Along with the high content of vitamins and protein, salmon is an excellent source of selenium, this mineral functions as an antioxidant in the body. This is associated with a reduced risk of arthritis, keeping the immune system and thyroid working properly, and can help keep tissues healthy by preventing cell damage.

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7. Cancer Defense

Any discussion of the health benefits of omega-3-rich salmon will not be complete without mentioning the proven effects that these superfoods can have on cancer. Of the 2,000+ peer-reviewed scientific papers that discuss omega-3 fatty acids and cancer, one point is clear: Omega-3 fatty acids can have a profound effect not only to prevent cancer but help fight tumors.

Although the benefits of salmon for human health are very much, the safety of this fish could be a concern. One of the highlights is the high content of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), especially in cultivated salmon. Based on research, this substance is suspected of being a carcinogen which can trigger the growth of cancer cells.

Another issue related to the safety of salmon for humans is the risk of being infected with parasitic worms, such as anisakiasis. This is especially for those who like to eat these fish in raw conditions. In order for the benefits of salmon not to disappear, try to always process or cook it properly and correctly. If necessary, consult a nutritionist to get the right recommendations for using salmon as a daily diet.

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