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Positive Coronavirus Breastfeeding Mothers, May Breastfeed Babies?

Breast milk is the best food for babies early in life. WHO also recommends that babies be given exclusive breastfeeding in the first 6 months of life. Then, continue until the age of 2 years with complementary foods. But what if a nursing mother is infected with the coronavirus?

Breastfeeding Mothers Vulnerable to Coronavirus

Coronavirus or COVID-19 transmission is indeed very fast. Especially if you have a low immune system and have certain disease conditions. One of them that needs attention is nursing mothers.

Nursing mothers are a few of the many people who need to be careful because they have a high risk of coronavirus infection.

This is because there are hormonal changes so that the immune system automatically becomes lower and is easily infected with viral diseases.

If nursing mothers experience flu symptoms or similar to coronavirus symptoms, see a doctor immediately for an examination. If found out earlier, your doctor can recommend better treatments.

Coronavirus transmission can occur through direct or indirect contact when you touch an object that has been contaminated.

Nursing mothers can also get the coronavirus from splashes of saliva (droplets) that are accidentally hidden by themselves.

Generally, there are no differences in symptoms of breastfeeding mothers affected by COVID-19 with other people. The mother will feel fever, shortness of breath, dry cough, afternoon throat, and headache. In that situation, can you still breastfeed your child?

Can Coronavirus Positive Patients Breastfeed Babies?

This might be a question for many people, especially those who are breastfeeding but COVID-19 is positive. Feelings of doubt between having to meet the nutritional intake of your child with baby's safety and health.

Until now there has been no research that says that the coronavirus can be transmitted through breast milk. However, coronavirus transmission can still occur if the mother makes physical contact with the baby.

It is not allowed to breastfeed. But nursing mothers who are infected with COVID-19 must follow procedures before breastfeeding their babies.

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As with WHO guidelines, breastfeeding mothers who are positive for the coronavirus may still breastfeed their children. With notes, some procedures and rules must be considered so that the risk of coronavirus transmission to infants is minimal.

Several steps can be done by a positive breastfeeding mother coronavirus when she wants to give milk to her baby are as follows.

  • Use a mask when close to infants and children, including when you are breastfeeding.
  • Wash your hands first before holding the baby.
  • Wash your nipples using water so that the virus attached to the nipples can be lost. If needed, wash the nipples using soap. But, you need to rinse thoroughly so the baby does not get soap poisoning when sucking on the nipple.
  • Wash your hands and nipples again after breastfeeding.
  • You can choose other alternatives, such as milking and putting it in a special plastic bag, then give it to the baby.

If you have to be hospitalized and parted with your child for a while, the best way to give breast milk is to milk or pump.

You can put milk in a special bag and put it in the cooler box when you want to be brought by the husband to the house. Make sure the plastic is sterilized before handling it.

If expressing milk is not possible, formula feeding can be done, although breast milk is still the first suggestion.

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Breastmilk Production Reduces When Separating with Babies

Not only stress due to coronavirus disease suffered, but nursing mothers can also experience severe anxiety when parting with their baby. This could be one of the causes of your reduced milk production so that the baby does not get enough milk.

Therefore, breastfeeding mothers are asked not to feel stressed and anxious, so that the milk produced is still sufficient to meet the nutritional needs of the child.

Several ways can be done so that the production of breast milk remains large and sufficient for babies, like the following.

  • Make baby health a top priority. If this has been implanted, you will struggle to stay healthy and recover quickly to breastfeed the baby. If this is successfully done, milk production can return smoothly!
  • Eat nutritious foods and have enough rest. A healthy body will affect many or at least the amount of milk produced.
  • See photos of babies to motivate you to produce lots of milk for babies at home.

That's some information about coronavirus that infects nursing mothers. If you have other questions about the corona virus and its transmission, consult your doctor immediately.

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