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Practical ways to prevent painless while driving

Driving remotely often makes a person stricken. How to prevent?

For the driver, stiff while driving is a frequent complaint and very difficult to avoid. These complaints usually occur in the back, neck, and legs.

Stiff most often arises from being in the same position for a long time. This is often felt by those who spend most of their time sitting.

Well, so you do not get stiff while driving, here's how to do:

1. Avoid uncomfortable positions

When entering the car, make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable position (ergonomic). This is because the discomfort from the beginning of the journey can cause disturbing pain.

Avoid putting things in the back pocket of the pants. Make sure the distance between the seat and the steering wheel is in accordance with your comfort level. The angle for the comfortable seat backrest is in the 100⁰ range.

2. Schedule a break

Sitting in the same position during driving can make your back muscles become stiff. It also increases the likelihood of muscle pain or spasm.

Therefore, schedule a short break during the trip. This action is most ideally done every hour, where you can step off from a vehicle to walk and stretch the muscles.

Thus, the blood circulation will be stimulated, so that the previous body part does not move to get the intake of nutrients and oxygen.

3. Make sure the head and lower back are in a comfortable position

Adjust the headrest position, so that it touches the center of your head. If you feel less comfortable when sitting, use a small pad at the bottom of the back of your seat as support the spine.

Make sure also the distance between the seat and the steering wheel is appropriate, so you do not have to lean forward.

4. Choose a comfortable outfit

Should not wear clothes that are too tight, especially on the pants. Because this can make the blood flow inhibited. If so, it can cause a buildup of substances that stimulate pain.

5. Eat the right foods

Before traveling, consume food or drinks that make you relax. For example, drinking tea or chewing mint candy.

If relaxed enough, the hormone endorphins will be released by the body. Well, this hormone will inhibit the release of pain stimulating substances.

6. Time to warm up

Warming is very important if you are traveling far. Because while sitting too long, the nerves will lack of oxygen supply caused by blocked blood flow. By heating, blood circulation will return smoothly.

If you go by plane, every few hours you can walk down the aisle. If you use a car, you can stop every two hours.

  • Do massage

When stiff attacks in the middle of the journey, you can reduce the complaint by massaging yourself. Although it looks simple, massage facts are very useful to make the muscles that contract becomes more relaxed. As a result, blood circulation will become more fluent

  • Prepare anti-pain medication

Pain relief medicines, either topical medication or drinking medicine, can also be an option. However, its use must be properly observed.


By applying the above, expect a sore complaint while driving will not attack you. As a result, traveling with family becomes more comfortable and fun.

If your stiffness is heavy, rest for a moment the muscles or do the compress with warm water. Hopefully these ways can help and make your trip more enjoyable and stress free.

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