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Psychology Consultation to Improve Mental Health

Psychological consultation has a variety of main procedures, namely counseling, psychotherapy, training, problem studies, and efforts to reach patients emotionally.

Consultation means the process of seeking and giving opinions from experts to patients. Meanwhile, psychology is the study of mental and thought processes, especially those related to behavior. When combined, psychological consultation means an effort to obtain expert opinions about the process of thinking and mental health.

Psychologists can provide psychological consulting services to individuals, couples, schools, organizations, or community groups. Also as a professional health service in a hospital.

About Mental Health

The term mental health is taken from the concept of mental hygiene, the mental word is taken from the Greek language, the meaning is the same as psyche in Latin which means psychic, mental or psychological. Mental hygiene refers to the development and application of a set of practical principles that are directed towards achieving and maintaining psychological elements and preventing the possibility of mental damage or maladjustment. So, mental health is the most important aspect of one's life.

The psychological aspect of human beings is basically a unity with biological systems, as a sub-system of human existence, the psychic aspects always interact with all aspects of humanity. That's why mental and psychological aspects cannot be separated to see the side of the human soul.

Psychology Consultation in the Field of Health Services

If many psychological consultations have been known as part of psychological tests in schools or workplaces, actually psychological consultations can also be useful as an effort to deal with diseases and mental health conditions of patients in health services.

The role of psychological consultations in the field of health services has a wide range, including clinical psychology, health psychology (medical), counseling psychology, rehabilitation psychology, community psychology, pediatric psychology, community psychology, and clinical neuropsychology.

Psychological consultation services for patients who are suffering from a serious illness, patients who will or have just undergone medical treatment that might change the quality of life, as well as patients who are suspected of having mental health disorders, have recently been applied to a number of hospitals.

The psychologist in charge of the hospital is in charge of helping the doctor's assignment when handling patients by exchanging opinions in order to determine the most appropriate approach in handling these patients.

Clinical Psychology to Help Patients

Psychology has a wide range of scientific fields. One important field of study in clinical psychology that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the brain, behavior, and emotions.

Clinical psychology services include efforts to enforce diagnoses, assessments, plans for handling, prevention, and consulting services for patients in the emergency room (ER), inpatient care, and polyclinics in hospitals. Handling focuses on how to deal with behavioral disorders, the recovery process from a condition or disease, and improve the quality of life of patients.

The important task of psychologists is to find solutions to the medical problems experienced by patients. For example, helping patients who have difficulties in obeying medical procedures from a doctor. Another example of a psychologist's service is psychological consultations in the office for all employees in order to reduce individual conflicts or interests and regulate employee stress levels, as well as psychology consultations in schools as part of educators who help guide students' mental conditions that greatly influence their character development.

Clinical psychology is then divided into subspecialty levels such as the psychology of children and adolescents, adults / general, persons with disabilities, substance abuse, and clinical forensic psychology.

Psychological consultation is a service that can be used by various parties, both among professional medical personnel in handling the patient's condition, as well as other parties in need. Mental health has a major influence on the quality of one's life. Therefore, do not hesitate to do psychological consultations if needed. If necessary, ask for advice from a doctor for a psychologist or psychiatrist that you can visit.

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