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Recognize 5 Signs of Lymph Nodes Cancer

Every time you hear the word cancer, what comes up is a malignant disease that causes death sooner or later This kind of perception arises because it is well known that if a person has cancer, the cells of his body will grow abnormally and develop uncontrollably. But if detected early, cancer can be cured or symptoms that appear can be minimized. But unfortunately there are many types of cancer that do not cause symptoms so that it is only detected if it enters a severe stage, one of which is lymph node cancer.

Some types of cancer usually appear in old age, but that does not apply to cancer of the lymph nodes. According to research, this cancer is most experienced by young people. People with an average age are 20 to 30 years. Lymph node cancer is known as lymphoma. Lymph nodes are found in the human body from the head to the foot area.

The function of lymph nodes is to produce fluids that contain white blood cells to prevent bacteria or viruses so that infections can be prevented. But for several reasons, cancer cells can develop in these areas and worsen the immune system. Without treatment, the infection becomes easier to occur, causes complications, and can be fatal. The thing that must be done is to know the symptoms of this cancer early in order to be able to carry out prevention and appropriate treatment.

The following are lymph node signs:

1. Easily Tired

If one day and so suddenly you easily feel tired and lethargic, then something is going wrong with your body. One of them is the possibility that you have cancer of the lymph nodes. This is not without reason, because almost 90 percent of lymphoma sufferers will experience this condition. However, in some people the level of fatigue can be different, there are those who feel symptoms that are mild or even chronic enough so that you have to rest completely. Do not underestimate this condition, and contact a doctor immediately.

2. Sudden Weight Loss

Weight loss is indeed a condition that is much desirable for those who have a fat body. If it occurs suddenly then this is a sign that there is a problem with your health condition. One of them is the possibility of developing lymphoma. People who suffer from lymph node cancer have more energy because the body tries to fight cancer cells. Usually the weight decreases by 5 to 10 percent within one month.

3. Chest and Lower Back Pain

Lymph nodes are in the thymus, which is a small organ between the lungs and breastbone. Well, if cancer cells have attacked the thymus area, then you can experience pain in the chest area. In addition, this cancer can also attack lymph in the area of the lower back and cause the appearance of swelling and pain due to pressure on the nerves of the spinal cord.

4. Fever, Shivering, and Sweating at Night

In general, an infected body will experience a fever. This fever can also be a sign that you have cancer of the lymph nodes. Those who experience it will develop a fever but not too high with shivering, feeling cold, and sweating at night.

5. Rash and itching appear

This is the last symptom felt by people with cancer of the lymph nodes. This condition of itching and rash occurs because the cytokine substances released by the body to fight cancer are caused by itchy skin, a rash appears, and over time the skin looks scaly reddish or purplish. This condition often occurs in the folds of the skin and is almost similar to eczema.

That was a sign of lymph node cancer. If you experience the above symptoms, immediately talk to your doctor to find out the cause and get the right treatment.

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