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Recognize 7 Dangers of an Unhealthy Diet

Having a slim and ideal body is certainly everyone's dream. Therefore, it is not surprising if then many men and women try various ways to lose weight. But unfortunately, because of limited knowledge, not a few who fall into the wrong diet. Don't be taken lightly! Because diets carried out carelessly can actually endanger health.

Here are 7 dangers of an unhealthy diet that you should know:

1. Yoyo Effect

The danger of an unhealthy diet is the first yoyo effect. Yes, the term that refers to this increase in body weight is very common for those who brutally cut their daily calorie requirements when applying a wrong diet.

Generally, the yoyo effect begins with strict dietary habits that do not pay attention to the body's calorie needs. Indeed, in the early days, this strict diet seemed to produce significant results. However, be careful! Because when a diet is no longer practiced, the body will again experience an increase in body weight - even exceeding the initial weight.

2. Reduced muscle mass

Furthermore, the danger of an unhealthy diet is to make you lose muscle mass. When forced to move normally, a body that lacks nutrition - especially protein intake - will take energy reserves from the muscles. This is what makes muscle mass slowly decrease. The impact, not only will the weight become more difficult to trim, but your body will look 'sagging' because the composition of fat and muscle is not balanced.

3. Cellulite

Even though it's not life threatening, cellulite caused by an unhealthy diet can still reduce your confidence. Cellulite itself appears because the skin loses its authenticity due to the body losing weight significantly. Usually, cellulite will appear in several areas, such as the thighs, stomach, buttocks, and arms.

4. Hair loss

The danger of an unhealthy diet is hair loss. The cause is nothing but because of lack of nutrition during the diet. This is proven to affect the health of hair follicles while inhibiting the regeneration of cells in the scalp.

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5. Depression

Do not think a haphazard diet has no effect on your psychological condition! Because of the fact, a body that lacks nutritional intake will show some symptoms of hormonal imbalances that affect the worsening of moods, emotions, and sexual arousal.

6. Bleeding gums and dry skin

Many people misinterpret diet as a process of limiting food intake significantly - including consumption of fruits and vegetables. Because of that, do not be surprised if one of the most frequent complaints is the frequent bleeding of the gums. This is caused by a body that lacks vitamin C intake.

Watch Out! Lack of vitamin C can also make your skin look dry and dull.

7. Eating disorders

Finally, the danger of an unhealthy diet that is often forgotten is the appearance of eating disorders - such as bulimia and anorexia. These two types of eating disorders usually appear because dieters feel an obligation to keep the body's weight from rising again. Therefore, they become more fixated on the weight on the scales, not the health conditions and overall body composition. If not treated immediately, bulimia and anorexia can cause malnutrition, even death.

Basically the diet is eating healthy and balanced foods and with portions that are not excessive. The diet should not torture the person who runs it. Therefore, before dieting, listen to your body until you can choose which diet pattern is really suitable for you.

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