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Recognize azoospermia, abnormalities in male sperm

Under normal conditions, during ejaculation a man will emit semen containing millions of sperm. But because of certain conditions, the amount of semen in sperm can be reduced or none at all.

Based on data obtained from the National Instutes of Health's US National Library of Medicine, about 1 percent of the world's male population apparently suffers from a semen disorder called azoospermia. The man even entered 10-15 percent of the group of men who were infertile or had infertility. Get to know this fertility disorder so you can be more alert.

Regarding azoospermia experienced by men

Azoospermia itself is divided into two types based on the cause. Azoospermia abnormalities can be caused by blockages in the sperm ducts or because the testicles are unable to produce sperm cells. To find out about azoospermia, a medical examination must be done by taking sperm samples to be stored and then examined.

If the results do not show the presence of sperm in semen after two checks, the person is detected to have azoospermia. In addition, tells WebMD, there is a vasographic test that uses x-rays and special dyes to find a blockage in the flow of sperm.

Men who suffer from azoospermia will find it difficult to have offspring because sperm cannot be removed through sexual intercourse. However, that does not mean there is no hope of having a baby.

Infertility in patients with sperm disorders will only occur if there is damage to the organs and testicular function that causes sperm can not be produced.

The usual solution offered is an intra cytoplasmic sperm (ICSI) program or more popularly known as IVF. If azoospermia occurs because of a blockage, the treatment is by surgery to remove the blockage.

This azoospermia problem cannot be underestimated, especially in the present, which is thick with a lifestyle that tends to be unhealthy.

Caused by an unhealthy lifestyle

The journal Human Reproduction Update explains that men in Western countries have decreased sperm counts by more than half when compared to 40 years ago.

Besides that, Dr. Haggai Levine, head of research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, found 185 of 42,935 men turned out to have azoospermia. The data was obtained from 50 countries including Australia and New Zealand, with the duration of the study throughout the period 1973-2011.

From the study it was found that the cause of men affected by azoospermia is an unhealthy lifestyle. This is similar to a study published in Medical Science.

The researchers found that men who slept 6 hours at night had a sperm count 25 percent lower than men who slept 8 hours. The pattern of sleep turns out to also influence male sperm production.

Reporting from the New York Post, the decline in sperm quality in men today occurs because the current lifestyle is different from the old days. A reproductive endocrinologist and fertility specialist from CCRM New York also explained that today's men are more lazy to move and prefer activities such as playing video games or watching television series.

Intake for healthy sperm

In addition to having to improve sleep patterns and exercise regularly, to avoid azoospermia, men must maintain healthy intake into their bodies, with the following foods:


This green vegetable is rich in folic acid. With sufficient levels of folic acid, the quality and production of sperm is better.


The content of vitamin E and protein in it can protect sperm from the adverse effects of free radicals. In addition, eggs also contain nutrients that support better sperm movement.


Bromel enzymes in bananas have anti-inflammatory compounds that can increase the number and movement of sperm. Not only that, the content of vitamins A, B1, and C in bananas can also help the testes produce healthy sperm.


As an antioxidant, lycopene in watermelons can counteract the effects of free radicals on sperm. Eating one piece of watermelon a day can increase the amount of healthy sperm production by 37.5 percent.


This kitchen spice contains vitamin B and selenium which are good for helping to facilitate blood flow throughout the body, so that the testicles become healthier and the sperm produced is also more qualified.

A sperm abnormality in semen called azoospermia may be a scourge for men and their partners who are running a program having a baby. Therefore, to have healthy and quality sperm, consume a variety of healthy menus above. If necessary, do an examination and consultation to find out your fertility condition.

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