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Recognize the Causes and Overcoming Breast Itching

The discomfort caused by itching in the breast can certainly interfere with your daily activities. From mild to severe, the causes of this condition are quite diverse.

Therefore, the care taken to overcome this condition can also be different. In order not to mishandle, let's understand first what kind of cause.

What are the Causes of Itching in the Breast?

Itching that occurs in the breast can be caused by various common things such as inflammation of the skin to chronic diseases such as cancer. The following are some of the causes that you need to be aware of:

1. Atopic dermatitis (eczema)

This disease is a common cause of itching in the breast. Also called eczema, this condition is inflammation of the skin.

Until now, the initial cause of atopic dermatitis is unknown. However, this condition can cause itching, dry skin, and redness on the skin.

2. Fungal infections

You have heard itchiness due to fungi. Often appearing in warm and humid areas, fungal infections also include general conditions that can occur on the lower part of the breast.

This condition can cause your breasts to look red, irritated, and feel very itchy. This infection can also attack nursing mothers in the nipple area and can cause pain when breastfeeding.

Not only that, but the skin can also look shiny and peeling. You are advised to contact your doctor immediately if you experience these signs.

3. Irritating Materials from Certain Products

Itching in the breast can also arise due to the content of chemicals in the soap, lotion or detergent you use. Because the ingredients can be the cause of contact dermatitis.

Not only itching, but these ingredients may also cause reddish spots on the skin. In addition to cleaning products and skincare, itching can also be triggered by the underwear you use.

The types of materials and dyes used to make clothes can be the cause of contact dermatitis. In fact, the way you use it can also be influential.

If you use underwear that is too tight, then friction between the skin and fabric is more likely to occur. This can lead to itching. Sometimes, this condition is also accompanied by a burning sensation.

4. Increased Breast Size

Breasts can enlarge due to several conditions. For example, pregnancy, weight gain, and puberty. These conditions can make the skin around the breast widen. This process causes itching and discomfort in the breast.

The reason behind breast enlargement can vary. For example, during pregnancy, the breasts swell due to increased production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone in preparation for breastfeeding.

5. Paget's disease

Paget is a rare type of cancer. This disease will initially attack the nipple area and then expand to the surrounding area.

Itching that arises from this disease can generally be accompanied by exfoliation, redness, and lumps in the breast. In addition, another sign that you should be aware of is the occurrence of nipple bleeding.

6. Pregnant

Pregnancy hormones cause various changes in the body, one of which is an increase in blood flow to the milk tissue so that the breasts get bigger. More rapid blood flow to the breast area can also cause the nipple to itch, feel pain, and be more sensitive.

To overcome this condition, use a bra that is not too tight so it does not interfere with blood flow in the breast. You can also use petroleum jelly or lotion containing vitamin E, cocoa butter, or lanolin in the breast in the morning and evening after taking a shower.

7. Menopause

Menopausal age women no longer produce estrogen. In fact, estrogen also plays a role in stimulating collagen production to maintain skin moisture and elasticity. That's why middle-aged and older women's skin is drier, thinner, and more easily irritated, including in the breast.

To overcome this, you need to maintain skin moisture by applying essential oils to the skin, using moisturizers, and not taking too long to bathe.

Ways to Overcome Itchy Breasts

So that the itching that occurs in the breast can be handled appropriately, then the treatment carried out needs to be adjusted to the cause. Generally, the itching that appears can be overcome by applying a certain cream.

In addition, you can also try cleaning your skin with warm water and mild soap. If itching arises from certain lingerie or beauty products, stop using it temporarily.

Whereas, for Paget's disease, the condition is generally overcome by surgical procedures. The type of operating procedure will be adjusted to the individual patient's conditions.

To find out more about itching in the breast, you are expected to be more aware of it. Also, consult your condition to the doctor so that the training you get is effective.

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