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Recognize the sense of smell disorder and how to guard it

The sense of smell as one of the sensory systems in human beings is an important part. These senses can help us detect the smell around us. Know how to keep your sense of smell here.

The sense of smell is a chemical sensor organ in the human body. This senses serves to detect food, and can also affect human sexual and social activity. The nasal cavity is the location of the sensory of smell with the amount of up to 100 million cells receiving the odor stimuli. Stimulant odor from these cells will then be channeled by the nervous system to the brain.

Various disorders can cause decreased function of the sense of smell, such as head injury, upper respiratory infections, tumors, until the result of contact with hazardous chemicals. For those of you who currently have a sense of smell that is still working well, it never hurts to do various ways to maintain the sense of smell in order to keep it working properly.

The olfactory disorder is caused by 3 groups of damage locations:

  • Inhibition disorders due to abnormal transport of substances to olfactory receptors, occur in patients with allergic rhinitis, bacterial rhinitis, sinusitis, encenphalocele¸polip, septum deviation, viral infection and surgery.
  • The interruption of smell due to damage to the receptors of smell, occurs due to drugs, radiation therapy (in case of tumor), exposure to toxic substances, viral infections.
  • Nuisance disorders due to damage to the nerve pathway to the brain, due to a history of head trauma, Parkinson disease, congenital abnormalities (Kallmann syndrome), malnutrition, vitamin B12 and zinc deficiency, smoking, hypothyroidism, Cushing syndrome, diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer disease, etc.

Impaired Smell

To establish a diagnosis of this invasive disorder requires anamnesis, physical examination and investigation. The onset of the onset of symptoms is important to determine the etiology of the invasive disorder. But sometimes the patient does not remember with certainty the capture and how the nature of the disturbance experienced, because the sense of taste disorder that happened just more complained.

A direct physical examination is required to assess the presence of deformities causing transport to occur, when inflammation is present or the presence of greenish snot and deformity, the treatment to overcome the cause of the conducting disorder will be overcome first. Only 1% b po [pulp that suffers from a clear no-cause culprit under 60 years of age. In individuals over the age of 60, a buffering disorder occurs due to the degeneration of nerve cells (both the smell to the cortex).

Some examinations such as CT scan / MRi, biopsy, laboratory may be necessary to make the diagnosis. Treatment depends on the cause of the disorder itself. Success rate depends on the cause and severity of the disturbance.

Maintain a sense of smell

Given the role of the sense of smell, it is very important to know the ways to maintain health, especially for those who have potential allergies, sinusitis, and rhinitis.

  • If you suffer from allergies, always prepare medicines to treat allergic symptoms that can appear on the nose and the respiratory tract, such as antihistamines and decongestants. But be careful, avoid the use of nasal sprays for more than three days because the risk of causing the nasal congestion.
  • Patients with allergies can choose allergy materials for their mattresses and pillows.
  • Wear masks and gloves when working with chemical cleaners at home or outdoors, where many pollutants or allergic triggers such as dust. If possible, use a vacuum cleaner at least once a week to clean the dust and reduce the risk of symptoms allergic to the sense of smell. Dust and various other allergic triggers can enter into the house through shoes from outside the house, therefore it is advisable to leave footwear outside the home and use rubber mats.
  • Patients with sinus disorders are advised to see a doctor before traveling by plane and dive. Sudden changes in air pressure can cause air to get trapped inside the sinuses to cause blockage and pain. At the time of diving or swimming, contaminated water can enter the sinuses and cause sinus and nose problems.
  • Fungus can cause interference with the sense of smell. Mushrooms can grow in damp places, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Therefore they need to be cleaned regularly with water, soap, and scrubbing or can also use disinfectants containing chlorine, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Take regular care and pets regularly at least once a week with warm water and a soft-supplied shampoo.
  • Toys can be a hotbed of dust. Clean the toys at home regularly by wiping them with a damp cloth. Wash toys that can be washed with warm water at least once a week. Store the toys on the rack or on the hanging net.
  • Avoid contact with people suffering from upper respiratory tract infections. Wash hands regularly with soap to prevent transmission. Shut up when coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid smoking, exposure to cigarette smoke, or other fumes that can interfere with the respiratory tract and olfactory senses.

In essence, keeping home cleanliness becomes one of the important steps in maintaining the health of the sense of smell. The health of a wide range of sense of smell allows the daily activities and also your social life to go well.

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