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Still Young But Already Senile, This Is the Cause!

How often do you forget the name of the person you just met for a while? Or how often do you try hard to remember the name of the movie you just watched? Forgetting is a human condition, but if you are still young and senile, of course this can disrupt your productivity.

Senile or easy to forget identical to the disease of parents. However, there are many disorders in remembering that are also experienced by people who are still young. So that you can be more vigilant and minimize the risk of being forgetful, recognize the various causes of senility following.

1. Too much burden on the mind

It's easy to forget at a young age because you have too many things to do or think about. When you do many tasks at once, your attention span for the task is shorter and you can fail to absorb all the information.

In order for your brain's memory to be stronger, repetition is important. But when you do many things at once, the repetition is finally neglected, so you will easily forget.

2. Saturation

Saturation can also be an easy to forget cause. When you are saturated, the brain will not absorb the information you do effectively. You will tend to do activities quickly, regardless of the details of your work.

To manage saturation, try to rest a lot in a short duration while you work. You can try to make the target task to be completed, then take a break every three hours, for example by closing your eyes for 5-10 minutes.

In addition, you can also just walk around the office, discuss with friends for a moment, or play puzzles to relieve fatigue.

3. Stress

Did you know that mood disorders have a big impact on your memory? Continuous and disturbing stress can cause concentration problems and cause you difficulty remembering.

If you feel you are under mental stress, share those feelings with your friends, for example by venturing between lunch hours. If your complaint has caused sadness and lost interest in activities, you can consult a doctor to get the right treatment.

4. Anemia

One medical condition that can cause a person to be forgetful is anemia, which is a condition where a person does not have enough red blood cells. In fact, red blood cells have a function to deliver oxygen to various tissues contained in the body.

The various symptoms that are often complained of by anemia are complaints of weakness, fatigue and not concentrating. The type of anemia that often attacks is iron deficiency anemia caused by low levels of iron in the body. One of the causes of iron deficiency is an intake that is not sufficiently nutritious.

In addition, iron deficiency anemia can also be caused by blood loss, for example heavy menstrual bleeding, or gastrointestinal bleeding. To prevent this, make sure that your diet includes a variety of vitamins and nutrients, including iron (meat, beans, iron fortified cereals, and green vegetables), folic acid (fruits and green vegetables), and vitamins B12 (meat and dairy products).

Senility may be experienced by the elderly because of the weakened brain condition. But if this condition is experienced by those of you who are still young, you need to deal with it as early as possible. If not, the quality of your brain will get worse and consequently your productivity will also decrease. Avoid various easy-to-forget causes above and make recommended suggestions so that you avoid dementia.

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