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The Benefits of Chamomile Tea are Good for the Body

Maybe tea made from dried flowers is not as popular as tea made from tea leaves. Have you ever felt the benefits of chamomile tea which is good for the body? Yes, chamomile is one of the flowers that is often used as a source of herbal medicines that are good for the body. Chamomile flowers are more often used as tea drinks, by drying them first.

Although rarely sold in most restaurants, you can order it at a tea house, coffee shop or supermarket. Now, so that you are more interested in consuming chamomile tea, here are a number of benefits if you routinely sip the flower tea.

1. Relieves menstrual pain

A study in 2010 reported, by consuming chamomile tea for a full month, cramping during menstruation will decrease considerably. In addition, women who have tried consuming chamomile tea on a regular basis say that their emotions are more stable even though they are coming in for months.

2. Neutralize blood sugar levels

Some studies have reported that chamomile can reduce sugar levels for diabetics. Even so, it does not mean chamomile can be used as the main drug. Chamomile is recommended only as a companion herb to maximize treatment from a doctor. When blood sugar levels become stable due to regular consumption of chamomile tea, it means that your risk of developing further complications from diabetes is also lower.

3. Prevent osteoporosis

A study in 2004 found that chamomile tea has antiestrogenic effects, especially in menopausal women. When menopausal women routinely consume chamomile tea, it can help the body to increase bone density and prevent you from osteoporosis.

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4. Relieves body inflammation

Chamomile tea contains chemical compounds that can reduce inflammation. But if the inflammation is already chronic, such as autoimmune disorders, chamomile tea can only reduce symptoms, not treat the disease.

5. Prevent cancer and help treat it

Some research shows, chamomile tea can help suppress the development and spread of cancer cells in the body. But unfortunately, the research has only proven its effectiveness in animal bodies, not in humans. However, chamomile tea can still help reduce cancer risk due to high levels of antioxidants.

6. Overcome sleep disorders and make the body relax

Cardiovascular patients fall asleep shortly after consuming chamomile tea. After clinical trials, chamomile tea can indeed help someone to relax and then fall asleep. Many researchers believe chamomile tea can function as a benzodiazepine or prescription drug that can reduce anxiety and trigger drowsiness.

7. Treat mild skin diseases

A study in 1987 found that chamomile extract can help heal wounds on the skin. In fact, there are also chamomile ointments that can help relieve eczema and mild skin inflammation.

8. Deal with flu symptoms

Brewing chamomile tea and inhaling the aroma can relieve the respiratory tract and relieve cold and cough symptoms. Relaxing conditions obtained after drinking chamomile tea can also make flu sufferers more rest so that they can speed up the healing process.

For those of you who have allergies to flower powder, you should first hold your desire to immediately consume chamomile tea. So are children and babies. They are advised not to taste chamomile tea belonging to their parents to avoid contamination of botulism spores. If you are taking long-term medication, and want to cure sleep disorders by drinking this flower tea, consult your doctor first.

These benefits can be used as a concrete reason to replace your tea with chamomile. If you want a more delicious taste, you can add a spoonful of honey. Interested in consuming this tea right?

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