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Efficacy Seaweed for skin beauty

Not only popular for consumption, other grass is also one of the favorite ingredients for cosmetic products and skin care. To treat the skin, seaweed's properties have long been recognized and utilized in the West. Not only in the West, in Asia seaweed is known to be rich in nutrients and is defined as one of the superfood.

For Asians, in Japan in particular, seaweed is a favorite food that is often combined with sushi and salads.

In general, in 100 grams of seaweed contains as much as 45 kcal, 10 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of protein, and 1 gram of fat. With that amount, seaweed can meet 14-35 percent daily fiber requirement, 27-180 percent magnesium, 15-60 percent calcium, and 3-20 percent daily iron requirement.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, seaweed is also able to care for the health and beauty of the skin. Here are some benefits of seaweed for beauty. Read the exposure below!

1. Stimulate healthy hair growth

Not only aloe vera is famous for its health and beauty of skin and hair, as well as seaweed. The content of vitamins and minerals in seaweed will supply the materials needed for healthy hair grow.

There are already studies that prove the benefits of seaweed to accelerate the growth of hair, so it can help overcome problems on hair such as hair loss and baldness. Iodine content in seaweed is also known to be effective in stimulating the growth of hair loss to grow back quickly. Eat seaweed regularly to get bushy and healthy hair.

2. Moisturize dry skin

Seaweed is a natural humectant (moisturizing agent) that can help skin bind water. This function is important for the skin to avoid dehydration, which later can cause various other skin complaints.

By using skin care products that contain seaweed, the skin will be able to absorb more moisture from the surrounding environment and lock it in the epidermal layer. This will make the skin look healthy and supple.

3. Detox the skin and clean the pores

Seaweed is known to contain antioxidants and various nutrients that can help detoxify the skin from toxins and impurities caused by environmental exposure. Various scrub products made from seaweed can also help clear clogged pores due to sebum mixed with dirt, which is often the main cause of blackheads and acne.

4. Caring for oily skin and prevent premature aging

For you oily skin owner, just by mixing seaweed powder with water, you get a healthy natural scrub and many benefits. Seaweed has a balancing effect on skin conditions, so the regular use of seaweed scrubs will help regulate sebum production without drying out the skin.

The content of antioxidants in seaweed can also help you in combating free radicals, inflammation, and adverse environmental impact on the skin. This of course contributes to prevent the onset of signs of premature aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Helps overcome eczema

For those of you who are familiar with eczema, of course know that dry skin is an enemy for eczema. Efficacy properties that are owned by seaweed can also help prevent the recurrence of eczema. In addition, seaweed is also efficacious soothing and helps relieve dry and itchy skin area when ecz relapse, as well as trigger cell regeneration and help wound healing.

6. Reduces swelling

Seaweed is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12 that act as an anti-inflammatory and reduce blood clotting under the skin. In addition, seaweed can also smooth the skin.

With so many properties of grass for the skin and body health in general, unfortunately it feels seaweed is passed in the daily menu and the main ingredient in various skin beauty products. However, do not overeat and should combine with other healthy food sources for optimal benefits.

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