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The right diet for gout patients

Gout or arthritis gout is closely related to diet. For those of you who have problems with gout, it's good to run a diet program

Gout can occur at any time with typical complaints of pain and swelling in the joints of the big toe. Trigger attacks are usually associated with a diet high in purines, obesity, and stress. To reduce the frequency of attacks and inflammation of the joints, follow the following dietary advice.

Purines and rheumatism of gout

Rheumatic gout causes swelling and pain in the joints, especially in the big toe. This joint inflammation is caused by the buildup of uric acid crystals, which is the body's natural waste.

Uric acid is created when the body breaks down chemicals known as purines. Purines are produced naturally in the body and are also found in certain foods. If your kidneys don't filter enough uric acid, or your body produces too much uric acid, it can turn into crystals. If the Crystal enters the space between the joints, it can cause painful, redness and swelling.

Prioritize complex carbohydrate sources

Prioritize to consume sources of complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, brown rice, and whole wheat bread. Limit or avoid foods with additional sweeteners such as sweetened cereals, breads, pastries, cakes, candies, packaged drinks, soft drinks, and products containing high-fructose corn syrup.

Expand sources of vegetable protein

Sources of protein derived from plants, such as lentils, peanut butter, nuts, and legumes, are safe for consumption of gout sufferers.

Limit the source of saturated fatty acids

Besides meat and chicken, saturated fatty acids can also be obtained from milk and whole milk / full-cream milk products. Instead, choose skim milk and products such as cheese or yogurt that is low in fat.

Expand vegetables and fruit

Vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber, which helps the body release uric acid through the digestive tract. Fiber consumption will also control blood sugar levels and stabilize the hormone insulin, which affects the formation of uric acid.

Unlike the general view, high purine vegetables such as spinach and asparagus have even been proven to not increase the risk of gout or recurrence.

Increase consumption of vitamin C

Consumption of vitamin C can help reduce joint inflammation and uric acid levels in the blood. You can consume it in supplement form 500 mg per day or from various vegetables and fruits such as oranges, strawberries, kiwi, red guava, broccoli, cabbage, peppers, and tomatoes.

Drink plenty of water

In addition to gout arthritis, high uric acid can also trigger kidney stone formation. Therefore, you need to consume two to three liters of water per day. Water will help your body release uric acid through urine.

Avoid all types of innards

All innards such as the liver, pancreas, kidneys, brain, lungs, tongue and tripe, contain very high purines and can therefore trigger gout attacks.

Limit animal protein sources

Sources of protein from red meat and chicken may be consumed but are limited to only 100 grams per day. As much as possible, choose lean meat. For fish and seafood, what needs to be avoided are shellfish, sardines, anchovies, and bloating. Whereas tuna, cod, snapper, salmon, oyster, lobster, crab, and shrimp may be consumed on a limited basis.

Limit coffee

Studies show that consumption of caffeinated coffee within a reasonable limit, which is 2 cups per day, can reduce the risk of gout. However, coffee may need to be avoided if you experience other medical conditions.

Avoid alcohol

Avoid alcohol from beer and other yeast drinks. While wine is considered safe because it does not increase the risk of gout, as long as it is consumed within reasonable limits.

Genetic factors do play a role in the appearance of disease due to high uric acid. However, a low purine diet pattern and a healthy lifestyle can help reduce joint pain and the frequency of attacks. However, this cannot replace medical treatment if it is needed.

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