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These 15 habits make your face easily wrinkled

After earning monthly income, women often set aside their coffers to buy skincare so that the skin, especially the skin on the face, does not wrinkle quickly. Because basically every woman wants her attractive appearance to last a long time. Therefore, all types of facial treatments were tried with the hope that the skin will remain tight, bright and charming.

However, what is often overlooked is that outside treatments that are not balanced by positive habits and nutritional intake will never provide optimal results. Unless you do plastic surgery and so on.

Wrinkled skin is part of the aging process. Facial wrinkles will appear and form wrinkles on your skin. In addition to aging, there are more unconscious causes of wrinkled skin caused by everyday habits.

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For that, avoid these 11 bad habits so that various skincare that you have can provide the maximum effect on facial skin.

1. Love to eat sweet foods

Eating lots of sugar and refined carbohydrates can increase blood sugar levels resulting in insulin release which causes inflammation of the skin. Sugar also binds elastic fibers and collagen which makes the skin look youthful. So, from now on limit the frequency of eating sweets.

2. Sleep deprivation

According to a 2013 study from University Hospitals Case Medical Center, little sleep and poor sleep quality can accelerate signs of aging and weaken the skin's ability to improve.

3. Roughly clean face makeup

Even though you feel tired after work, you can't dams again, then don't let it make you remove the makeup with origin and roughness. In addition to still leaving dirt that makes the face unable to "breathe", removing makeup with origin and roughness will only cause wrinkles at the bottom of the eye. Because the skin in the area is very fragile and thin so it needs a special method when you want to clean it.

How to pour eye makeup cleansing liquid into a special cotton face. Then, place it on the part of the eye that is cleaned. Wait for 20 seconds, then you delete the makeup slowly. Waiting for 20 seconds is useful so that makeup is absorbed first by cotton and can be lifted easily when removed. Never rub, even though your waterproof mascara is difficult to clean. The key, be patient and slow!

4. Do not use sunscreen

Do not use sunscreen when doing activities outside can not only trigger skin cancer later on. But it also causes black spots and wrinkles on the face. Therefore, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a sunscreen containing SPF at least 30 per day, even though the weather is not hot.

5. Spray perfume on the neck

Your face looks still tight, but does the neck tend to wrinkle? It could be that this is caused by this one habit, which is spraying perfume on the neck. Because the perfume contains alcohol which can be photosensitive when exposed to sunlight. This makes the skin of the neck suffer from getting sunburn and ultimately, can cause pigmentation and wrinkles.

6. Still smoking and drinking alcohol

It seems endless to talk about the ugliness of the following two things, including the effect on skin health. Eating lots of alcoholic beverages, especially before going to bed, will only make you dehydrated. Well, dehydration is what causes dryness in the face which leads to a lot of wrinkles.

In addition, nicotine content in cigarettes can cause wrinkles and dullness in the skin of all areas of the body. Especially when smoking, your mouth constantly pursues and sucks. Automatically, your risk of having a face that is full of wrinkles and looks older than his age cannot be avoided anymore.

7. Drinking too often with a straw

Who would have thought drinking with straw could cause premature shrinkage of the face? According to a cosmetic dentist Dr. Lana Rozenberg, drinking with a straw makes you too often pursed your lips so that you can increase the risk of premature wrinkles in the area.

8. Sleep on your side or prone position

According to a 2003 study, the way you sleep plays a role in the appearance of facial wrinkles. If you often sleep on your side or on your stomach, your face will receive more pressure so you risk getting wrinkled lines, especially in the cheek and eye area.

9. Forgot to consume good fat

As already said above, skincare that you do not balance with good nutrition will not provide maximum results. For that, do not forget to consume good fats found in olive oil, avocados, and nuts.

10. Don't manage stress well

Too much pressure and not being able to control it will cause a buildup of the hormone cortisol (stress hormone) in the body. Well, the accumulation of cortisol hormone in your body will only accelerate the skin aging process, such as the appearance of fine lines and dull skin. So, no wonder when you are stressed, the appearance of the face becomes more "messy". So, do positive things to control stress.

11. Don't wear sunglasses

To prevent wrinkles and sun radiation, it is important to wear sunblock and moisturizer every day. Besides that, do you know that sunglasses that are commonly used to prevent glare can also help you avoid wrinkles around the eyes?

Yes, squinting often because holding back glare will make the corners of your eyes wrinkle. Make sure you wear glasses that have a UV filter to keep your eyes from sunlight that can damage the skin around your eyes.

12. Rub eyes

One part of the face that is prone to wrinkles is around the eye area. This is because the skin in the eyes is very smooth and sensitive.

The habit of rubbing eyes, for example, can stretch sensitive skin in this area and also damage collagen and elastin. As a result, wrinkles appear that interfere. If your eyes are often itchy or dry, try to find out and handle the cause so that the habit does not rub its eyes.

13. Looking at the gadget for too long

Every day, the use of gadgets is done for almost 24 hours. When you look down at your cellphone, tablet or other electronic devices, the neck area will bend. Over time this habit can cause wrinkles in the neck area.

When you are fully concentrated, such as when working with a laptop, often the face looks sullen. This habit is also susceptible to triggering wrinkles in the mouth area.

14. Chewing gum

Although it is often consumed to eliminate bad breath and maintain dental hygiene, the habit of chewing gum actually can trigger the appearance of wrinkles on the cheek area and around the mouth.

15. Squint

The habit of squinting can also cause wrinkles in the eye area. Often, this habit is done when the glare is exposed to the sun, or when vision is less clear.

The solution? Always wear sunglasses when you leave the room. Also, check your visual acuity if it feels blurred because you might need glasses.

Want skin conditions that are always healthy, tight, and bright actually won't be a dream. You must balance between the use of skincare, stop doing bad habits, and eating nutritious foods. Therefore, avoid the bad habits above so that wrinkles don't appear prematurely!


Last update: Jan 1, 2020.

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