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These 7 Habits Can Damage The Kidney

Who would have thought, it turns out that kidney disorders do not only occur in those who are elderly, this condition can also be experienced by young people. Without realizing it, some daily habits can actually be a trigger for kidney damage.

Below are some habits that can damage kidney health. If you still do it, after reading this article immediately stop the habit.

Lack of drinking water

One of the perfect conditions for working the kidneys is adequate water intake. In general, the amount of intake that is considered adequate is 2 liters per day. This amount can indeed be reduced in those who have a history of kidney failure but in healthy people, the recommendation is 2 liters, equivalent to 8 glasses.

What happens if the intake of water is inadequate? The work of the kidneys in filtering blood and toxins from the body will be much heavier. As a result there can be impaired kidney function to kidney failure which requires sufferers to dialysis regularly, for the rest of their lives.

To evaluate the adequacy of this water, one can judge for himself the color of his urine. The more turbid and thick the color, the less water intake. Conversely, the color of clear and clear urine indicates that daily intake of water has been sufficient.

Prolonged use of pain medication

Someone who often takes pain medication also does not escape the danger of kidney damage. Because in the long run, the metabolic byproducts of drugs such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and other types of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can damage the kidneys, especially in someone who does have a history of previous kidney problems.

Therefore, if you really need to use the anti-pain medication on a long-term basis, you should do a periodic examination to the doctor. If there is a significant disruption due to the use of the drug, the doctor will replace the type of medication that is more friendly for kidney health.


The power of cigarettes to damage every organ in the body is indeed not to be questioned, including the kidneys. A study proves that smokers tend to experience proteinuria, detecting protein in their urine. Detection of protein in urine is one sign of impaired kidney function.

If it continues to be allowed, it is not impossible that kidney failure can occur. Not only that, millions of dangerous compounds in cigarettes can also be the culprit of damage to blood vessel walls, including those that bleed the kidneys. As a result, the risk of kidney damage will be higher and this damage is a permanent one and not if again treated.

Excessive meat intake

Red meat is indeed a source of protein and iron which is needed by the body. Protein itself is the key to growth and regeneration of damaged cells. However, if the intake is excessive, this pile of protein will aggravate the work of the kidneys and has the potential to cause acidosis, namely changes in the blood condition to become more acidic. Acidosis that is not treated quickly not only threatens kidney health, but also the overall safety of the body.

Too much salt

Foods containing high salt packed with sodium can increase blood pressure. This can harm your kidneys, because the kidneys need to work harder to remove excess salt. This in turn can cause water retention in the body, which puts you at an increased risk of kidney disease.

Hold urination

Frequent urination is a way to get rid of toxins from the body. If you often hold back urination, it can be dangerous for your kidneys. Over time, this can lead to the formation of kidney stones and also cause kidney disease.

Lack of physical activity

Sitting too long in front of the TV or behind a work desk is also dangerous for the kidneys. The link between these two things is indeed not yet known in depth. However, physical activity is known to be able to keep blood pressure stable, improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of diabetes. If blood pressure is maintained and the risk of diabetes can be avoided, kidney health can also be more secure.

No one can take care of your own health other than yourself. Love your kidneys by changing unhealthy habits with activities that can protect the function and work of important organs in this body. Get used to eating a balanced diet, enough to drink and move actively so that the kidneys are kept healthy and avoid interference and damage later on.


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