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This Is How To Overcome Tantrums In Children

Tantrum is a condition when a child overflows his emotions by crying loudly, rolling on the floor, to throwing things. This condition must make Mother stressed and confused. This condition is normal and is part of the child's development process.

Tantrums are usually experienced by children aged 1-4 years. When your child experiences tantrums, you should not panic and get carried away with emotion. There are several ways you can do to overcome tantrums in children.

Causes of Tantrums in Children

Tantrums are generally caused by a child's limited language ability to express his feelings. So that they can only vent their emotions by wriggling, screaming, crying, screaming, and stamping both feet and hands on the floor.

Besides, tantrums can also be a place for children to observe and recognize how to get their desires. For example, when a child goes berserk to get something and Mother obeys her wish, she will repeat the way later. If left unchecked, it can become a bad habit for your child.

How to Overcome Tantrums in Children

Tantrums in children should not be allowed to continue because it can become a bad habit and affect its development later on. Mother can try to stop tantrums in children by doing the following ways:

1. Keep calm

When a child is in a tantrum, the Mother must remain calm and not shout back or force the child to stop the tantrum. A calm attitude will make your Little Tantrum easier to overcome. Mothers can also take children to a more quiet and quiet place to calm their emotions.

2. Find out the cause of tantrums

Various things can be the cause of tantrums in children, such as unfulfilled desires or feelings of hunger and drowsiness that are difficult to express. If the child cannot speak, one way to recognize the cause is to ask directly, "Are you hungry?" Or "Are you still sleepy?" The child may nod or shake his head. If the cause of a child's tantrum is known, the Mother will be easier to overcome.

3. Divert Little One's attention

Young children are very easy to forget and are interested in new things. Mother can use this to distract her during the tantrum. For example, Mother can give toys that have not been played for a long time or give her favorite snacks when the child screams, is angry or looks fussy.

4. Don't hit the child

When your child experiences tantrums, don't hit or pinch them. Instead, Mother can hug or kiss Little to calm her emotions. Besides calming, hugs and kisses can also be a way to show that you really care and love them.

5. Speak their language

Little Children do have their own unique language, involving short words, phrases, and movements. According to Dr. Harvey Karp, M.D, Moms can try to communicate with Little using their language.

This means Moms must also reflect the movements of the Little One, when they point, then follow the pointing as well. In fact, it is not impossible Moms can go down to the floor with Little when they kicked and screamed.

If tantrums in children appear too often or make them hurt themselves or others, Mother should consult with a pediatrician to discuss these behaviors and how to properly handle them.

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