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This is what happens to the body when high cholesterol

What happens if you have high cholesterol? Read this article to avoid illness due to the condition.

High cholesterol is often dubbed the 'silent killer' because it is often asymptomatic but fatal. But in some cases, high cholesterol can also show symptoms in the body.

High cholesterol is a disease that became the scourge of many people in modern times. How come? Today it's easy to get good food. Almost in every corner of the location there is a restaurant providing a variety of delicious dishes including fast food. In addition to the easy-to-access food messaging service, making any food you want can be consumed immediately. Because of this convenience, eating habits become uncontrollable. As a result, high cholesterol was lurking.

With so easily a person get food, especially unhealthy, can further increase the risk of disease. One of them is high cholesterol. Based on data in 2007, the incidence of high cholesterol (which is a total cholesterol of more than 200 mg / dl) reached 39.8 percent. Although the figure is slightly down in 2013 to 35.9%, this decline is not significant enough to suppress the various complications of the disease that may result from this high cholesterol.

Know the type of cholesterol

Cholesterol in lay language is also called blood fat. Cholesterol is obtained by the body through food, but can also be produced alone in the body in a certain amount.

Actually, cholesterol is needed by the body because cholesterol is one of the raw materials of making hormones, cell membranes, vitamin D, and bile. Surely the body can not function properly if the lack of cholesterol. Conversely, cholesterol levels are too high is also not good because it can cause various diseases, especially coronary heart disease.

There are several types of cholesterol in your body. HDL (high-density lipoprotein) is good cholesterol that works to cleanse the fat in the body, while LDL (low-density lipoprotein) is the bad cholesterol that is the main cause of coronary heart disease.


Diseases that can be caused by high cholesterol

Heart attack

High cholesterol levels can cause deposits or fat deposits in the blood vessels. Furthermore, this fatty deposit will cause difficulty in the flow of blood in the arteries.

  • Coronary heart disease, Is a major disease caused by high cholesterol. Bad cholesterol (Low Density Lipoprotein or LDL) will accumulate in the walls of the arteries, causing plaque called atherosclerosis. This plaque causes the arteries to become narrow, so that blood flow slows down and decreases blood intake to the heart, which results in symptoms of chest pain (angina). If cholesterol levels are not reduced, plaque can accumulate more and more until it finally clogs up the heart's blood vessels, and causes a heart attack.
  • Heart attack, High cholesterol causes the heart attack to be a fact that cannot be denied. Because plaques that arise on the walls of your arteries can be torn at any time. When the plaque is torn or ruptured, it will cause clots and blood clots that can block blood flow to the heart. So the risk of heart attack is high.

If the blockage occurs in the brain, it can occur stroke blockage. Meanwhile, if it occurs in the leg blood vessels, peripheral arterial disease may occur.


Keep cholesterol levels within normal limits

There are no typical high cholesterol symptoms. In fact, in general, high cholesterol is asymptomatic and usually only found when you perform a routine medical examination (medical check-up).

Therefore, it is important to always keep your cholesterol levels-especially LDL-within normal limits. You can do this by maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding fried and fatty foods, exercising regularly (at least 150 minutes a week), and taking cholesterol-lowering medication if necessary. Prevent high cholesterol before it's too late.

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