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This Sport Is Effective To Make You Ageless

Exercise is useful for making the body healthy or fit. However, there are also people who exercise to be more youthful. Actually, what sports can make you stay young?

Recently, researchers from Leipzig University in Germany have formulated a type of physical exercise that can slow down the biological aging process. They studied telomere length and telomerase enzyme activity in participants involved in one of three types of exercise, namely: endurance training, high-intensity interval training, or strength training (resistance training) .

Telomeres are "safety caps" that protect the strands of genetic material in human cells. Meanwhile, the telomerase enzyme helps maintain telomere length. As we age, telomerase becomes less active, and this affects cell aging.

Return to the question of the type of exercise studied. Regarding endurance sports, this exercise is intended to help increase stamina. Examples of endurance sports are running, swimming, and cycling.

Meanwhile, the type of high intensity interval sports is the same as endurance sports. It's just that in this sport a person must do intense exercise in a short time. Finally, muscle strength is a sport that is useful for increasing one's physical strength, such as lifting weights.

What sports are suitable?

In the study led by Prof. Ulrich Laufs from Leipzig University, the researchers initially recruited 266 young and healthy participants, but who did not live an active lifestyle. The participants can be said to be young men who rarely exercise.


The researchers randomly divided the study participants into four groups, namely participants who took endurance sports, participants who participated in high intensity interval sports, participants who followed muscle strength exercises, and those who did not exercise.

The study period is 6 months and participants must exercise regularly every week. To ascertain what type of exercise was most effective in keeping someone young, the researchers collected blood samples from the participants. As a result, reflecting on telomere length and telomerase activity in participants' white blood cells, the researchers found that it was endurance exercise and high intensity interval exercise that brought the most benefits.

"Our findings, in participants doing endurance exercise and high intensity intervals, increased telomerase activity and telomere length. Both of these are important for slowing aging and regenerative capacity. Thus, you can stay young," said Prof. Laufs.

Prof. Laufs also noted that exercise in muscle strength such as lifting weights did not affect telomere length or telomerase activity. So, muscle strength training can't make you young - unless you combine it with endurance exercise and high intensity interval training.

Furthermore, telomerase activity increases 2 to 3 times in people who do endurance sports and exercise high intensity intervals. Meanwhile, telomere length also increased significantly.

Where to start?

Don't wait until you enter old age just start interval training. Precisely the younger you routinely practice intervals, the better the results. You can start with the following tips.

  • Set up a timer to mark the intervals of intense training, moderate exercise, and light exercise.
  • The ideal time interval to intersect the intensity of training is 20-60 seconds.
  • If you choose to run on the treadmill, start with 40 seconds running slowly. Then increase the speed in 20 seconds. Slowly, reduce your running speed again by 40 to 60 seconds.
  • If you choose to run outside the house, start by running on a flat road. Then slowly, select the running track there are slopes or derivatives. Then end your running session on a flat road again.

It is a type of exercise that is considered effective to keep you young. Although the results of the study say so, all sports are basically good. It's just that you have to do it right so it doesn't hurt.

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