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This Type of Food Can Make You Older Faster

Who doesn't want to look young? Everyone must crave the same thing for women or men.

We do everything in order to look younger than our actual age, even though the aging process cannot be avoided by anyone.

There are a number of things that can make you age faster quickly like Genetics, smoking, sun exposure, the environment and more.

Other factors that can make you look older than your age can also be from food. The food you consume can make you look five years younger or five years older.

Instead of being confused about choosing cosmetics that can prevent wrinkles or the aging process, try to look at what you consume every day. Don't forget to fill your plate that makes your body get old faster.

Beautiful and healthy colors of vegetables and fruit on your plate will appear on the skin of the face and body. Because, nutrients from healthy and fresh foods make you more energized, slow down the decrease in body metabolism, muscle mass, and bone strength. In addition, a healthy diet can help you manage and prevent chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Recognizing a variety of foods that need to be limited

There are several types of foods that can make you look older for a long time than you should:

1. Foods or drinks that contain too much sugar

Body cells can only process incoming sugar at a certain level. Too much sugar enters, it causes damage to skin collagen. In addition, this excess sugar will stick to the mouth and cause discoloration of the teeth, bacterial growth, and cavities. Keep in mind, not only sweet drinks, but foods with high sugar levels are usually also rich in processed carbohydrates, such as bread, pasta, and cakes.

2. Fried food

All foods fried in oil baths, such as fried potatoes or fried chicken, can cause inflammation in the body. These fried foods are usually rich in trans fat which can increase bad cholesterol levels which makes you more at risk for heart disease.

3. Red meat

Red meat like beef is good. However, this type of food should be limited because it contains free radicals that can interfere with the skin's ability to produce collagen. Try replacing beef with chicken for healthier choices.

4. Fatty meat

Fat in meat is rich in saturated fat. We recommend that you choose a part of the meat that is minimal in fat, such as chicken breast.

5. Grilled meat

Grilled meat, especially one that is almost charred, contains hydrocarbons that can affect collagen on the skin. To reduce the risk, remove or cut the part of the charred meat before consumption.

6. Salty food

Even though you may have reduced salt sprinkles in cooking, it does not mean controlled salt intake. Too much salt can make the body hold more water so that the skin becomes puffy. We recommend that you limit foods in high sodium packaging.

7. Processed food

Most processed foods contain preservatives and excess salt, which can accelerate aging and cause inflammation of the skin. Sausage is an example of processed foods that are high in nitrates and saturated fats, which can cause inflammation.

8. Drinks contain caffeine

Examples of caffeinated drinks are coffee. Caffeinated drinks make the body lose fluids faster, so the skin looks dull. In addition, consuming too much coffee in the long term can damage the surface of tooth enamel and change the color of teeth.

9. Drinks containing alcohol

This drink can make you thirsty and disrupt sleep patterns. Though adequate rest is very important to slow aging. In addition, consuming too many alcoholic beverages also endangers the health of the liver, so it cannot break down toxins from the body. This will appear on the skin that becomes fast wrinkles or breakouts.

10. Spicy food

Spicy foods not only can aggravate rosacea skin (skin redness on the face) but also cause damage during menopause. Spicy food is believed to make blood vessels in the skin become more reactive.

Don't worry if you want to enjoy spicy food occasionally. However, if you eat too much spicy food can cause a widening of the veins, swelling, and permanent redness.

11. Energy drink

Energy drinks might make your enthusiasm increase, just like a child. However, these drinks are not good for your teeth. In fact, teeth that are "exposed" to energy drinks damage more enamel than sports drinks, according to General Dentistry research. Energy drinks are also known to have a higher acid content. You must remember that the acidity of your teeth is more prone to stains.

Not that you have to cross out all the food above from the shopping list. It's best to limit your consumption, then replace it with a healthier one.

Applying a Healthy Diet

Not only the types of food that need to be considered but how to eat can help keep you young. Here are some habits that can be done in applying a healthy diet:

Don't forget protein every meal! Choose healthy protein sources, like fish. About 20-30 grams of fish in each meal menu can help maintain muscle mass. In addition, protein is also contained in grains, nuts, and eggs.

Eat every 3-4 hours to keep energy levels high.

Always choose nutritious foods rather than snacks that are high in fat, sugar, and salt. For example, instead of eating apple pie, it's better to eat whole apples.

To get enough fiber and nutrients, replace foods containing flour with whole grains.

The more colorful your plate, the more healthy your food will be. Take 5-7 servings of vegetables and fruit every day to get enough vitamins A, C, and E.

Sufficient consumption of water. As you get older, you may feel more frequent headaches, fatigue, or constipation. Even though it can be a real problem, you just don't drink enough.

From now on, consume foods rich in nutrients, so you can keep you young and maintain your health. You can also consult a dermatologist, to get the right treatment recommendations.

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