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Tips stay slim for breastfeeding moms

How to keep breastfeeding mother can keep body shape so as not to stretch and stay slim? Check out the following tips!


Most breastfeeding mothers experience changes in body shape, so that their weight increases and the body widened. For you nursing mothers, no need to worry. You can still keep your body shape slim, as long as the right way. 

Breastfeeding and swollen body 

The funny thing is, the myth that circulates in society is that breastfeeding can help weight loss. However, according to Jennifer Ritchie of the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), breastfeeding does burn an extra calorie of about 850 calories a day. However, losing weight with breastfeeding is incorrect. 

"While breastfeeding, the mother will continue to feel hungry. And usually nursing mothers are less rested. This condition tends to increase the desire to eat more. That's why nursing mothers appetite increases, "said Ritchie. 

Launched from the San Diego Breastfeeding Center, Leigh-Ann Webster, a sports coach and licensed nutritionist, recommends that you breastfeed mothers focus on consuming nutrient-dense foods, so you have the energy to care for the baby. That producing breast milk requires a lot of body resources and energy.

Tips stay slim during breastfeeding 

Based on the information presented by Babyologist, during breastfeeding, so that the body of the mother can return as before, needed diet and exercise efforts. Meanwhile, the diet of breastfeeding mothers should still be fulfilled their nutritional needs, because the Small requires the essence of food consumed by the mother. 

Launched from various sources, here are some tips to set a healthy lifestyle during breastfeeding so that the body is always slim, not widened:

1. Set meal time 

Breastfeeding moms can also arrange a meal with a healthy snack at ten o'clock in the morning after breakfast, then continue to have a healthy snack at three o'clock in the afternoon and after dinner. At midnight the mother should breastfeed, to add nutrients, you can again eat the healthy snack.

2. Drink a lot

 Drink a lot

Meet the mineral needs of nursing mothers by drinking eight to nine glasses of water a day. Drinking water serves to neutralize the body and reduce hunger. As much as possible, avoid consumption of caffeine-containing beverages such as coffee and tea. 

Finally, soft drinks should also be avoided. Therefore, soft drinks can make body fluids more quickly come out with a lot, so you become susceptible to dehydration.

3. Change the menu composition 

Avoid consumption of fried foods and try in one meal, on your menu there are vegetables, protein animal and vegetable, carbohydrates, and fruits that contain lots of water. Include iron, complex carbohydrates, calcium and protein on each of your diet items. 

Iron can be obtained from beef, spinach, lentils, black beans and green vegetables. Meanwhile, complex carbohydrates you can take from whole grain products such as wheat cereals, brown rice, wheat pasta, until sweet potatoes. Complete your diet with yoghurt, cheese and bananas rich in calcium and protein.

4. Healthy snack intake 

Forget snacks that contain flour and fried. You better choose fruits or nuts as a daily snack such as almonds and cashews.

5. Reduce calories

 Reduce calories

As long as your total calorie intake is not less than 1800 per day and you keep eating nutritious food, keep your body condition safe. So, there is no harm in reducing the intake of fatty foods to reduce the levels of calories that enter the body.

6. Expand Omega-3 intake

Try to eat lots of foods that contain omega-3 in large quantities such as walnuts, omega eggs, low-sugar cereal, salmon, basil, and spinach. Thus, your metabolism will increase and your body does not easily weaken. Your energy will remain consistent throughout the day.

7. Regular exercise

 Regular exercise

Start exercising at least six to eight weeks after childbirth. To keep your body fit and milk production remains excellent, you can consume carbohydrates about half an hour before exercising. According to Ritchie, this way can really help prevent your milk production decline.


Several studies have shown that high intensity exercise can lead to the buildup of lactic acid as a breastmilk producer. Consult the sports you will do with your doctor to be more secure. 

For nursing mothers, tips remain slim during breastfeeding to the baby is also a necessity. If you are breastfeeding and want to keep or restore the body shape as before, you can apply the above ways.

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