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Tips to Eliminate Bad Breath After Consuming Stingful Scented Foods

Having bad breath can be very disturbing to your confidence and social life. The causes of bad breath can be various factors. And, one of them is because of the consumption of stinging foods and drinks. If you experience this, below are some ways to overcome this.

Stinging foods can come from a variety of dishes. When you are enjoying Italian cuisine, for example, you will usually smell a strong aroma from garlic and onions. The aroma of onion is known to be very stinging and can last a long time in the mouth, even if you have finished eating.

This is because the food that enters the mouth is absorbed by nutrients into the bloodstream. Food nutrition then reaches the lungs, which often results in bad smelling air.

But calm, bad breath due to pungent scented food is temporary. You can apply a few tips to get rid of the odor, namely:

1. Chew sugar free gum

Although it can only reduce bad breath temporarily, chewing gum can stimulate more saliva production. Well, one of the functions of saliva is to rinse the oral cavity so that the mouth becomes fresher. Sugar free gum is recommended because it does not contain sugar which can damage the teeth over time.

2. Using Mouthwash

Mouthwash containing Chlorine dioxide, according to scientific research, is quite effective in dealing with bad breath. Chlorine dioxide can help remove plaque, cleanse the white layer on the tongue, and remove leftover food tucked between the teeth.

In addition, mouthwash contains green tea if routinely used for four weeks can also eliminate bad breath, especially due to inflammatory diseases of the gums or bleeding gums.

3. Using essential oils

Essential oils are believed to be able to refresh the breath and also have an antibacterial effect so that it is often mixed with mouthwash containing alcohol. You can also make mouthwash at home by mixing essential oils with solvent oil. For example, coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil.

Types of essential oils that are proven to reduce bad breath include peppermint, rosemary, myrrh, and eucalyptol. The trick, just mix 1 tsp of solvent oil with 1 drop of peppermint oil, then apply to the entire oral cavity.

4. Chew apples, lettuce leaves and raw mint leaves

According to research at Ohio State University, eating apples, lettuce and mint leaves can reduce bad breath due to the aroma of garlic. In fact, the use of these three ingredients is more effective than using Mouthwash.

The reason, in apples, lettuce and mint leaves, there are substances and enzymes that react with chemicals in garlic to neutralize odors. However, the biggest effect in reducing bad breath is mint leaves.

Apple juice and mint juice can also reduce bad breath, but the effect is not as strong as eating whole apples and mint leaves. Besides apples and cooked lettuce can also reduce bad breath, although the effect is not as big as if eaten directly.

5. Green tea

In green tea contains an active substance called catechins which can kill bacteria in the mouth while removing sugar from plaque. Bacteria that cause bad breath can disappear. Drinking green tea every day is highly recommended to eliminate unpleasant odors from the body.

6. Lemon

The lemon slices are inserted when we eat in a restaurant not without cause. Because the lemon slices can neutralize bad breath or a strong food aroma. Like the aroma of onions.

So, you don't need to be afraid of bad breath because of stinging food. With the few tips above, now you know how to deal with bad breath. By doing these methods, your hobby of eating and dining can be more freely done.

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