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Tips to make your child's hair healthy and bushy

How to make a child's hair thick, long, and bushy. Which parents don't want their baby to have healthy, thick, and black hair? How to grow baby's hair following can be useful for Mother. It does not require expensive treatment because there are simple ways that Mother Practice can grow the Little One's hair into black, long, and healthy.

Children's hair health should be maintained since childhood. Therefore, not infrequently the parents look for various ways to make his son's hair healthy, bushy, and looks shiny black.

One way that is often recommended for parents is to shave their children's hair regularly. In fact, no research has supported this theory.

When Little is born, the hair is called velus hair. This hair is only temporary and will only last up to three months. Related to the hair cycle, then the baby's hair will fall out and change with a new hair.

Do this to make your child's hair black and bushy

Thickness or not the hair is strongly influenced by genetic or hereditary factors. However, that does not mean there is no effort that can be done by parents.

Here are some tips for making children's hair thick, looking black, and of course healthy:

Fulfill nutrition intake

The child gets the full nutritional intake of breast milk. Therefore, parents must ensure that the food consumed by the child contains nutrients such as proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and vitamins.

Wash your hair 2 times a week

At least, wash your baby's hair about 2-3 times a week. Do not forget to pause the day when washing your hair. But there is no need to wash it every day because it can actually inhibit the formation of natural hair oil.

Use a sparse-toothed comb

Be careful, incorrectly choosing the type of comb can affect the quality of the child's scalp and hair. Choose a wide-toothed comb and have a soft tip to avoid scars on your baby's head.

Cut or shave

Cutting or shaving a newborn's hair is thought to help the natural cycle of hair growth. This is usually done when the baby is 30-40 days old.

Shaving the hair of a newborn baby is also useful for cleaning the scalp from the remaining dirt from the birth process.

Natural ingredients for healthy hair

Besides doing the above methods, you can also use traditional methods. For example by mixing a variety of natural ingredients to treat the baby's hair.

The following are traditional ingredients that are safe for your child:

Aloe vera

No stranger to aloe vera is good for hair care. Aloe vera is known to have many benefits for hair health. One of them makes hair darker and thicker.

How to use that is by applying gel aloe vera on the scalp and hair of the child. Let stand for a few minutes or wait until it dries. Finally, rinse thoroughly with running water.


Since long time the candlenut is believed to make hair darker and thicker. Prepare some grains of candlenut, roasted (fried without oil) until natural candlenut oil out. Rub the candlenut oil on the baby's head evenly.

Perform a light massage and let stand for a few minutes so the candlenut oil permeates. Rinse with water until clean.


Celery is believed to make hair grow more fertile. To make a hair care concoction of celery, mashed celery first by pounding or blending.

Apply to your baby's scalp. Let stand for a few minutes, then rinse with water until clean.

So taking care of baby's hair is quite easy and can be done naturally. Besides that, how to make baby hair thicker can also be done naturally. Do not overuse the chemicals for baby hair so that the scalp and baby's hair become healthier and not tangled.

Having healthy, black and dense hair will certainly make your child look more adorable. Do the various tips above so that children's hair is always healthy. Healthy hair will definitely make the playing moment more comfortable without having to interfere with itchy hair.

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