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Toothache due to Cavities, This is the Treatment

Cavities are one sign that your teeth are not healthy. This condition can lead to toothache. This condition can be overcome by handling exactly according to the severity.

Generally, the cause of cavities is a plaque, which is a sticky substance in the mouth that is mostly created due to a pile of germs or bacteria that turn food into acid. Then, acid on the plaque can damage the protective enamel of the teeth to make cavities. If left unchecked, dental plaque can accumulate and become tartar which can interfere with the structure and health of the teeth.

Ways to Overcome Cavities

Cavities often cause no pain. The pain generally only arises when the hole in the tooth gets bigger, affects the nerves, or causes broken teeth. Cavities can also occur after eating cold or hot foods or drinks.

There are several ways that doctors can do to deal with cavities, including:

1. Give fluoride

If the hole in the tooth is still at the initial stage or very small, fluoride may be a solution to help restore damaged tooth enamel. You do this by rubbing liquid fluoride, foam, gel, or varnish onto the teeth for a few minutes. Now almost all toothpaste contains fluoride, so this handling becomes more practical.

2. Patch teeth

Doctors will usually patch cavities that have gone beyond the initial stage of decay. The trick, the teeth must be drilled to remove the damaged part. After that, the teeth will be patched using substances such as silver, gold, composite resin.

3. Make crown teeth

For more severe tooth decay or brittle teeth, the doctor will likely make a dental crown to replace all-natural tooth crowns. This artificial crown can be made of gold, porcelain, resin, melted metal porcelain, or other materials.

4. Dental root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is needed if the decay has reached the inside of the tooth (pulp) or the nerve that has died. This treatment is done by removing nerve tissue, blood vessel tissue, and any areas that are rotten. After being clean, the dentist can do patches or give a crown, so the teeth do not need to be removed.

5. Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is done if the decay in the teeth is so severe that it cannot be restored and must be removed. Retracted teeth will leave space or gap that allows other teeth to shift. Therefore, if possible, it is recommended to make bridges or dentures to replace extracted teeth.

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Without Medical Treatment

Generally, doctors cannot do any treatment when your teeth are still problematic or sick. Now, the only thing you can do right now is to use toothache medicine so that your teeth can be acted on by a doctor. You can try some of the methods below to help relieve cavities.

1. Gargling Salt Water

This method is still believed to be able to relieve tooth pain. Try gargling using saltwater until you feel the pain has improved slightly. According to a specialist in dental conservation, until now the effect of working saltwater as an inflammatory remedy is still a matter of controversy. You could say this method is a hereditary story or information from a practical knowledge book.

Even so, the saltwater does have the effect of reducing surface tension so that pain in the teeth or gums that experience infection can be reduced. But what must be remembered, this method does not eliminate the source of the disease.

2. Chewing Raw Red Onions

This one method is also no different from gargling saltwater because it is a hereditary story or information from a practical knowledge book. Even so, onion has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that can control pain. You do this by killing bacteria that cause tooth infection.

You can chew raw shallots that have been cleaned for several minutes at the sides of the mouth with painful teeth. If you can't chew it, then place the raw shallot slices directly on the affected tooth.

To prevent cavities, it is important to treat dental health by getting used to cleaning teeth after eating, eating healthy foods, and carrying out regular dental check-ups.

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