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Vaginal discharge: Understanding the causes and how to overcome while pregnant

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is actually a normal thing and not to worry about. It's just that you should know the cause and how to cope vaginal discharge during pregnancy to minimize any discomfort that may arise.

There are various ways to overcome leucorrhoea during pregnancy. To be sure, you must keep your intimate organ area clean properly, in order to avoid bacterial infection in the vagina.

Causes of vaginal discharge in pregnant women

During pregnancy, the cervix and the vaginal wall become softer than usual that it causes the production of more vaginal mucus. The production of mucus in a number of more than usual is also influenced by high levels of estrogen in the body. Also affected by increased blood flow to the area of the cervix, which occurs during pregnancy.

For those of you who feel more whiteness experienced than usual, no need to panic and worry. As long as the whiteness is colored white or milky white and only slightly smelly, vaginal discharge is still including normal.

However, pregnant women should be wary of whites that experience discoloration. Whitish yellow, green, or gray, even accompanied by blood spots, can be a sign of a pregnancy disorder or symptoms of infection. In addition to discoloration, abnormal vaginal discharge can have a sharp odor and accompanied by itching or swelling in the vaginal area.

Although generally normal, whitish during pregnancy can also be caused by serious conditions, such as sexually transmitted infections and complications in pregnancy. We recommend consulting a doctor to confirm the cause of the vaginal discharge.

How To Overcome Vaginal Discharge While Pregnant

For how to overcome leucorrhoea during pregnancy, what you need to do is:

Changing underwear more often than usual. This is to keep your intimate organs area dry and clean.

Use underwear made of materials with good absorbency, such as natural cotton.

When using pantyliner, then choose pantyliner that does not contain perfume and replace as soon as possible if it is felt moist.

Avoid the use of underwear or underwear that is too tight.

However, in cases of whitish discoloration, such as whitish yellow or greenish, odor, or accompanied by other disturbing symptoms, special treatment is required. The doctor will recommend a special medication to treat the infection underlying the whiteness, with the dose and type of medication that has been adjusted to be safe for pregnant women.

Tips to prevent vaginal discharge during pregnancy

To prevent vaginal discharge can be done by maintaining the cleanliness of the intimate organ areas, such as:

Washing hands

Get used to wash hands before or after touching the intimate organ area.

Proper organs washing properly

After defecation or urination clean the intimate organ with water and wash from the front to back to prevent bacteria from the anus into the vagina. If you feel clean, dry with a soft towel or tissue to keep the vagina dry and awake moisture.

Proper organs washing properly

Avoid soap containing perfume

In cleaning the sex organs, it is advisable to avoid soap containing perfume, feminine cleansing soap, or vaginal douche, because it can affect the balance of good bacteria and pH in the vagina. If the balance of good bacteria is not well preserved, the risk of getting an infection will be even greater.

Use comfortable underwear

Underwear from loose cotton, can be the choice of pregnant women. In addition, for those of you who experience leucorrhoea with a number that is not small, it is advisable to change underwear more often than usual. This is to keep your intimate organs area dry and clean.


Knowing the causes and ways of coping with vaginal discharge during pregnancy is very important. Therefore, discoloration and odor in whiteness can be a sign of conditions that need to be addressed, to prevent disruption of maternal and infant health in the womb.

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  1. First, let s look at the signs of watery discharge during pregnancy so you know if you re actually experiencing normal discharge or something else. Medical professionals call the watery discharge you feel while pregnant, leukorrhea. Fancy name? Yes. But there s nothing fancy about leukorrhea. You might be surprised at just how common it is.

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