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Various Causes of Lumps in the Rectum

Lumps in the rectum cannot be underestimated. Because, besides causing discomfort, a lump in the rectum may be a sign of a certain disease. Without proper treatment, this complaint can get worse, and increasingly difficult to handle.

Some of you might think that the appearance of a lump in the rectum is due to ulcers. Though not only that can be the cause. It is important to know what causes a lump in the rectum so that it can be treated properly.

Look at Anal Lumps and Accompanying Symptoms

The appearance of a lump in the rectum can be caused by various diseases, including:

1. Hemorrhoids

One of the most common causes of lumps in the rectum is hemorrhoids. This condition occurs because of increased pressure in the blood vessels around the anus, causing swelling that looks like a lump. Triggers for hemorrhoids include the habit of pushing too long during bowel movements, being overweight, the habit of lifting heavy loads or habits of sitting too long.

In cases that are still mild, hemorrhoids can heal on their own without the need for treatment. Patients can relieve pain by doing simple treatments at home such as increasing consumption of high-fiber foods, applying special creams to treat hemorrhoids, taking pain medication, and living a healthier lifestyle. However, if the pain continues and interferes with activities, you should immediately consult a doctor for appropriate treatment.

2. Anal abscess

One sign of an anal abscess or perianal abscess is the appearance of pus-filled lumps and swelling around the anus. Generally, the lump resembles a blistering wound, feels warm and red. Besides, anal abscesses can also cause symptoms in the form of throbbing pain in the area around the anus (especially felt when sitting) and bleeding from the rectum.

Causes of this condition include infections that accompany anal fistulas or anal sores on anal fissures, which can also be due to sexually transmitted infections. Also, several conditions that can increase the risk of anal abscess are colitis, pelvic inflammation, anal sex, and diabetes.

3. Anal cancer

Lumps in the rectum can also be caused by anal cancer. But, this complaint is not the only sign. Anal cancer can also be recognized by other symptoms, such as rectal bleeding, itching or pain in the anal area, unusual discharge from the anus, so that it is difficult to resist bowel movements.

To avoid anal cancer, you should start implementing a healthy lifestyle and having safe sex. In addition to applying these two things, it is recommended to carry out HPV vaccination, because HPV infection can increase the chance of getting anal cancer.

Do not hesitate to see a doctor, especially if a lump in the rectum occurs protracted and cause discomfort. The doctor will examine to determine the cause, and provide appropriate treatment to deal with complaints of lumps in the rectum that you experience.

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