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Various Quick Ways to Reduce High Blood Pressure

Without proper treatment, uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause dangerous complications, such as strokes and heart attacks. Know how to quickly reduce high blood pressure, so that your health condition is maintained.

The quick way is meant, does not mean instant or drastic. Too fast to reduce high blood pressure can also cause other health problems. Therefore, high blood pressure can be lowered in the exact duration of time, according to the target and program set by the doctor. High blood pressure reduction programs generally include lifestyle changes to the administration of medicines.

A Quick Way to Lower High Blood Pressure with Lifestyle Changes

Not just fast, efforts to reduce high blood pressure must be done appropriately, according to the doctor's advice. You can apply the following methods as a first step to reduce high blood pressure:

1. Calm yourself and relax

Blood pressure can increase due to stress, anxiety, fear or anger. Therefore, calming down and relaxation can help lower blood pressure. You can even feel the impact of this method in just a few minutes.

To do this, you can breathe slowly while taking a deep breath or lying down for a nap. Other relaxation methods, such as meditation or yoga practice, can also be done regularly to get long-term benefits.

2. Regulate diet

A diet low in salt but rich in other nutrients, such as calcium and potassium, can help lower blood pressure. You can eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. Not forgetting also to increase the consumption of water.

By following this diet, blood pressure can drop in 2 weeks. In order for efforts to reduce blood pressure run more optimally, you are also advised to stay away from consuming alcoholic beverages.

3. Lose weight

Excess weight to obesity is one of the triggers for high blood pressure. Therefore, if you are overweight and have high blood pressure, you will be encouraged to lose weight.

Even so, avoid extreme weight loss. Keep lowering your weight in a healthy and gradual manner. You are advised to lose weight at least 1 kg per week, to reach the ideal body weight.

4. Exercise regularly

Cardio exercise or any physical activity that increases your heart rate and breathing rhythm can help lower blood pressure. You are recommended to routinely do cardio exercise for about 30 minutes per day, 3-5 times per week, to reduce blood pressure.

5. Stop smoking

Apparently, every cigarette you consume can contribute to your increased blood pressure. Therefore, quitting smoking will help you reduce blood pressure.

6. Check your blood pressure regularly

Checking your blood pressure regularly can be a way to reduce high blood pressure. Regular monitoring of blood pressure can help you make prevention efforts to avoid an increase in blood pressure or even hypertension.

Other lifestyle changes, such as getting enough sleep for 6-8 hours per day, can also help lower blood pressure.

Lowering High Blood Pressure with Medicines

This method may have a direct impact on reducing high blood pressure. But drugs that lower high blood pressure, usually only given when doctors assess lifestyle changes alone are not enough to lower blood pressure to normal.

Medications that are generally given by doctors to control blood pressure include diuretics, ACE inhibitors, or calcium antagonists. Medications may need to be taken for life or only temporarily, depending on the health conditions and treatment program that the doctor provides. In order for blood pressure to be successfully reduced, take regular treatment and control according to the doctor's advice.

There are various ways to quickly reduce high blood pressure as described above. You can try it and make it a part of your daily life, but of course after consulting a doctor. Change your lifestyle to be healthier, while still undergoing treatment from a doctor.

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