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Want look younger? Do this 30 minutes a day

Having glowing and youthful skin is every woman's dream. But because the use of cosmetics and sun exposure makes the skin experience premature aging. The skin will look dull, fine lines appear, and wrinkles.

The secret of a youthful face is quite simple! The new study shows that women who routinely facial yoga 30 minutes a day, several times a week, can be seen 3 years younger. The results of this study have been published in JAMA Dermatology.

In recent years, facial yoga is much loved by women. They believe in claims that this exercise can rejuvenate the face that has gone through aging. But unfortunately, there are no clinical trials that can prove.

Seeing this, dermatologists and researchers from Northwestern University tried to study it and invited Gary Sikorsi, founder of Happy Face Yoga, to work together.

They tested facial yoga techniques for a small group of women between the ages of 40 and 65 who wanted to look younger. The participants were instructed to do facial yoga at home every day for 8 weeks. After that, they were asked to continue to practice every day.

Within 20 weeks, the results were already visible. According to researchers, those who run facial yoga routinely on average look 3 years younger. "Facial exercise has been shown to improve facial appearance and reduce some visible signs of aging," said Murad Alam MD, a dermatology professor involved in the study.

This exercise, he continued, can strengthen the facial muscles so that the face becomes tighter, toned, and looks young. After seeing improvements in their faces, the participants also reported that they were very satisfied with the results of their facial yoga. Although the routine is quite time consuming.

Practice this yoga face movement

There are two examples of facial yoga movements from research that you can try at home. The following include:

The Cheek Lifter: Open your mouth and form into the letter "O". Position the upper lip above the teeth, smile to lift the cheek muscle upwards, and place the finger gently on the upper cheek. Remove or lower it, then lift it again. Repeat the lowering and lifting of the cheek several times.

The Happy Cheeks Sculpting: Validate your lips and smile without showing your teeth, forcing the cheek muscles to rise. Place your finger in the corner of the mouth, and slide it up on the cheek. Hold for 20 seconds. Now you can choose a method that is cheaper and not "toxic" so that the face is more youthful. And of course, you have to do this facial yoga regularly to get the results.

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