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Want to be Happier? Do These 7 Good Habits Every Morning

Being filled with happiness every day must be everyone's desire. Because, happiness can bring various positive influences on daily life. When you are happy, you will be more productive at work and smile more so that a positive aura will radiate.

Some say that happiness is simple. Without having to spend a lot of money, true happiness can be achieved. One way to make it happen is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Some good habits that are done every morning, are believed to make you feel happier.

In dealing with various situations, you can control yourself how to respond. However, everyone is responsible for his own happiness.

Then, what are the routine activities that can be applied to bring happiness? The following are some of them:

Do good Things

Did you know that goodness has many benefits for your physical and mental health. Goodness is the desire to lift weights from others or just make others smile because of you.

When you do good things, the body releases chemicals that produce a feeling of happiness. This happy hormone called oxytocin can also reduce various aches and of course it will make you feel more comfortable.

Goodness not only makes you happier but can also spread and spread like an unbroken chain. To open it, start with yourself. Try doing a variety of simple virtues such as greeting neighbors, bringing chocolate to office colleagues who are in trouble, and giving a seat on public transportation to those who are more in need.

Walk to enjoy the outdoors

Walking in the forest area has become one of the methods of treatment and prevention of diseases in Japan. A 2015 study showed that walking in a natural environment can improve mood and minimize negative thoughts.

For those of you who live in the city, it might be difficult to do so. But take it easy, you can take advantage of green open spaces or running arenas that can also provide similar benefits.

Drinking coffee

Many studies link coffee drinking with low levels of depression. Studies conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, found that coffee can help a person become more positive minded and have the same effect as antidepressants.

A cup of coffee can improve mood because it contains caffeine levels which stimulate the release of dopamine. In order for the benefits to be more optimal, reduce the use of sugar which is one of the causes of depression.

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Morning exercise is very useful to maintain the beauty of the skin, because it can smooth blood flow, so that good blood flow into the skin will radiate your natural beauty throughout the day.

If done regularly, morning exercise can release endorphins which work to improve mood. By routinely exercising, in a short time, you will feel happy and forget the various problems that exist.


Laughter is a panacea to overcome various health problems. Laughing habits are proven to increase immunity, reduce stress, relieve pain, and prevent heart disease. Same with exercise, laughter is also able to produce endorphins or happiness hormones.

Laughing together is also able to strengthen relationships. In addition to killing quiet, you are also able to create good relations with family, relatives or the people around you. Laughing in the morning will really help make your mood happy throughout the day.

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Recently, the medical world has proven that meditation can really change the physical structure of the brain and increase happiness. In other words, meditation can create positive energy since you do it. Therefore, do meditation in the morning so that you feel happy throughout your activities.

Meditation consists of various types. According to experts, any type of meditation practice can help people who do it become happier. Choose and determine the type of meditation you like, then do it as a routine activity in the morning.

Healthy breakfast

Not forgetting, breakfast is an important thing that must be accustomed to. By following a few simple diet guidelines that carry breakfast with a healthy diet, the feeling of stress in you can be significantly reduced.

Breakfast with nutritious food can balance your body to be healthier.

The good habits that you should do in the morning - as suggested above - are useful in helping you to think more positively. Get used to doing it from now on to create a happier life.

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