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Wrong diet triggers early menopause?

Diet is done by most women to make her body more ideal. In addition, the diet also makes women so confident and increase productivity. Diet provides many benefits for a woman's physical or mental if done properly. Again, done right.

If the diet is done by women in vain, it is a bad thing that happened to them. For example, women choose low-fat diet for too long or a diet that does not attach importance to carbohydrate during daily calories are met.

Diet is a diet setting to achieve or maintain weight. The purpose of people on diets is different. There are those who want to maintain health by the doctor's advice, because they are experiencing certain health conditions, or because they want to lose weight. However, not a few people who diet roughly, which actually adversely affect the body. The wrong diet also allegedly resulted in early menopause. Is it true?

Dietary patterns should be precisely and measurably arranged to have a significant impact on the body.

Recommended diet programs include 60 percent carbohydrates, 23 percent fat, 15 protein, plus enough vitamins, minerals, and water. You may think that dieting is just about avoiding food, but it's actually wrong.

In addition to regulating the pattern of food intake, some habits should also be avoided during the diet. These habits include eating sweets, cakes, or foods and / or sweet drinks. If it can not be stopped, at least subtract slowly.

Wrong diet or diet is done with perfunctory can have negative impact for health. In women, for example, indiscriminate diet can trigger menopause to come faster.


Impact of dietary wrong on early menopause


A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, shows the link between faulty diets and menopause that come faster. Through this study, it was found out that a diet that does not control refined carbohydrates, especially rice and pasta is associated with early menopause that comes 1.5 years earlier. While the average woman experiencing menopause at age 51 years.

Conversely, the right diet can actually delay the menopause. One of the recommended intakes is to involve the consumption of nuts.

In addition, the researchers also take into account other factors that can accelerate the arrival of menopause such as weight, reproductive history, and the use of hormone therapy. Although believed to have an effect, but no one can accurately predict the arrival of menopause.

This study is observational and can not prove any cause. Nevertheless, the researchers offer some possible explanations, behind their findings. For example, in addition to nuts, omega-3 content contained in fish oil is also able to stimulate the capacity of antioxidants in the body.

Refined carbohydrates increase the risk of insulin resistance that can interfere with sex hormone activity and increase estrogen levels. This can increase the number of menstrual cycles that lead to egg supply and can make it run out quickly.


Healthy diet recommendations for you

Healthy diets recommendation

Based on the explanation of the specialist, the normal calorie requirement of an adult is 2,000-2,500 calories per day, depending on the physical activity of each individual. The ideal weight loss is 0.5 to 1 kg per week. For that to achieve this target, required cuts of 500-1000 calories per day.

The first thing you can do to apply a healthy diet is to count calorie intake as well as what you eat and drink. You can record it in a book to know its daily development.

For example, your breakfast consists of a bowl of cereal (100 calories) with one and a half cups of nonfat milk (40 calories) and a piece of banana (94 calories), a total of 234 calories. Or you have breakfast with 2 (110 calorie) toast with butter (20 calories) and peanut butter (50 calories) plus chocolate milk (200 calories), then your total calorie intake at breakfast is 380 calories.

You can also carry a small notebook so you can record any food, drink or snack you consume. That way, calorie intake can be arranged in such a way for at least a few days.

Losing weight is basically best done with a combination of healthy diet and exercise. Achieving the ideal weight also takes time, patience, and discipline. However, if done with a strong determination and the right way, it will produce sweet results. To ensure this, it is better to consult a nutritionist to find out what diet suits your body's condition. Do not get your diet wrong, and trigger early menopause.

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