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Your Ear is Sudden Deaf? This is probably the cause

Sudden deafness can make you surprised, even worried. There are various causes for these conditions, including habits that are carried out unconsciously. Find out more about the causes of sudden deafness.

Sudden deafness is a condition that causes sufferers to experience sudden hearing loss. This condition is more common in one ear, although it does not rule out the possibility for both ears. Sudden deafness usually lasts three days or less.

Various Causes of Sudden Deafness

Symptoms of sudden deafness are the ear feels buzzing, a sudden headache, difficulty hearing sounds on the phone, and often ask the other person for help to repeat the conversation.

Sudden deafness is usually caused by the following:

Hear a voice that is too loud

The sound that is too loud can damage hair cells that function to deliver sound vibrations, causing sudden deafness. An example is the sound of an explosion or eruption at close range.

Ear clogged with earwax

The presence of earwax that clogs the ear canal can also cause you to experience sudden deafness. This can be caused by the habit of scraping the ear too deeply so that the earwax is pushed in even deeper and closes the eardrum. This condition is known as cerumen prop.

Head injury

Head injury is also one of the things that can trigger sudden deafness. Head injuries usually occur due to traffic accidents and accidents while exercising. This condition can cause sufferers to experience interference with brain functions that regulate hearing or even injure organs and hearing bones.

In addition, sudden deafness can also be caused by age factors and side effects of treatment.

Iron deficiency anemia

Studies from Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine found that people who have iron-deficiency anemia are at twice the risk of experiencing this hearing loss than healthy people.

Researchers show that the inner ear is very sensitive to changes in blood supply. Iron is also clearly needed to keep the hearing system functioning normally. Too little blood and iron can eventually disrupt cell work and even kill it. This can cause hearing loss if damage or damage occurs to the hair cells in the inner ear.

So, maybe iron deficiency anemia can cause sudden deafness due to insufficient oxygenated blood flow to the inner ear. Sudden deaf ears caused by iron deficiency anemia usually develop in approximately 72 hours.

Viral infection

Viral infections are one of the most common causes of sudden deafness. One in four people who experience sudden deafness is known to have an upper respiratory tract infection one month before the hearing loss occurs

Viruses associated with sudden deafness include goiter, measles, rubella, and meningitis, syphilis and AIDS.

Multiple sclerosis

Nervous system disorders caused by multiple sclerosis (MS) can affect nerve cells in the brain and spine. The brain membrane (myelin) can also be affected and cause damage to nerve fibers at the base of the brain. Usually, people with this condition will show symptoms such as sudden hearing loss.

How to Maintain Ear Health

To prevent sudden deafness, it is important to maintain ear health by:

Don't listen to the sound too loud

The first thing you can do to prevent sudden deafness is to avoid listening to music too loudly. If you use headphones or earphones, rest your ears once every hour, for five minutes. When you are in a noisy environment, use ear protectors.

Do not clean the inside of the ear with a cotton bud

You can clean your ears by dripping 2-3 drops of olive oil or almond oil into your ears. Do this twice a day for several days. Later, the dirt in the ear will fade by itself. If earwax feels very lumpy, you should check your ear to an ENT doctor.

Routine ear health check

The routine is to check the ear condition to the doctor, it can also be one of the things you can do to maintain ear health. The faster it is detected, the ear disorders that you may experience can be more quickly overcome. The right time to check ear health is at least once a year.

Sudden deaf ears should be immediately checked by an ENT doctor. The doctor will ensure the cause of sudden deafness that you experience, then determine the right treatment.

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