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Yoyo Diet Really Vulnerable to Heart Problems in Women?

From the name, maybe this yoyo diet is a bit foreign to your ears. The person who runs it has an unstable weight up and down repeatedly due to the diet that is applied following the rise and fall of body weight. What needs to be considered, this diet is said to cause heart problems in women.

Yoyo diet or weight cycling is a condition where you have succeeded in losing weight, but returning to a normal diet or even tend to eat unhealthy foods. When you gain weight again, you are back to doing a healthy diet to reduce body weight again. This pattern then makes the weight tends to be unstable.

Impact of yoyo diets on women

The instability of body weight and changing diet turns out to have a negative impact on health, especially heart health.

Reporting from Newsweek, the assumption was obtained from a study conducted by Dr. Brooke Aggarwal, a senior researcher and assistant professor of Medical Sciences at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, United States. In their research they analyzed 485 women.

The reason why Dr. Brooke uses women as a research sample because women are more often on a yoyo diet than men. In addition, women are more susceptible to fat accumulation during certain periods, for example during pregnancy and menopause.

In his research Dr. Brooke applies a score system. The women were given a score based on the American Heart Association's Simple Heart 7 test that calculates cardiovascular health based on body mass index, cholesterol levels, glucose, smoking habits, diet level, and exercise intensity.

As a result, most women have experienced weight cycling at least once. While the rest, have experienced this 20 times! Well, those who do a yoyo diet repeatedly have a 51 percent lower chance of getting a high score from the Life 7 Simple test.

In other words, this study proves that yoyo diets can indeed increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Heart and blood vessel problems are touted as one of the negative effects of the yoyo diet, although until now, the mechanism is not certain.

Not only about heart problems

Actually limiting the consumption of calories suddenly when applying a yo-yo diet will indeed eliminate fat. However, this diet can also eliminate muscle mass in your body. This process can be a problem when you go back to eating a lot as usual.

Incoming intake will accumulate into fat and not as muscle mass, so that it can make the body's condition worse. So why did that happen?

Cutting the calories you have previously lived has already reduced the speed of your body's metabolism. So, when you go back to eating a lot and are unhealthy, a slow metabolism doesn't work well with your intake, so it accumulates into fat.

After all, basically fat is easily recovered rather than muscle mass after undergoing a diet. And in the end, instead of having a stable ideal body weight, you actually experience obesity which can lead to cardiovascular disease, especially heart problems.

Apart from heart problems, binge eating when a person eats a large portion and cannot stop also haunts people who are often trapped in this yoyo diet cycle.

On that basis, you are advised not to go on a diet that is too instant and extreme, especially for you women. So, when running a diet program you don't give up as fast as the yoyo diet. In addition, balance your diet with diligent exercise. That way, even a slim body will look firmer, stronger because of muscle mass, and avoid heart problems.

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