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Fertility Diet and Food to Get Pregnant Fast

Maybe some of you who have problems having children have tried various ways to speed up having children. From medical methods, alternatives, herbs, and even food. Many assumptions say that eating foods such as sprouts, shellfish, garlic, and others …

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Common Causes of Bleeding During Pregnancy

Anyone will be scared and panic when experiencing bleeding while pregnant. Bleeding from the vagina during pregnancy does not always indicate a problem. But still, you have to beware, especially if accompanied by other symptoms such as abdominal …

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IUGR: When the Fetus Does Not Develop in the Womb

Prospective mothers certainly want a fetus in the womb that is healthy and growing well. But unfortunately, not all pregnancies can run just fine. Intra-Uterine Growth Restriction or IUGR is a pregnancy complication that causes the fetus to not …

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Beware of Thick Blood during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a happy waiting period to welcome the baby's arrival, but at the same time it is also thrilling. There are several health problems that may occur during pregnancy. One of them is a disorder of blood viscosity. In medical terms, …

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First Trimester ( 1 - 13 weeks )

2 Months Pregnancy: From Embryo to Fetus

When 2 months pregnant, the fetus in the womb has begun to develop rapidly. Maybe an enlarged stomach as a sign of pregnancy has not been clearly seen in your body. Actually, when you are 2 months pregnant there are so many processes that occur in your womb. …

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Second Trimester ( 14 - 27 weeks )

Third Trimester ( 28 - 41 weeks )

8 Months Pregnancy: Prepare Yourself for Labor

8 Months of pregnancy is a time when you have to determine where you are going to be, with what method, and prepare if you have to undergo surgery. Not only preparing baby gear, during this 8 month pregnancy you also need to be prepared to train breathing and prepare for breastfeeding. …

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