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Various Foods for First Trimester Pregnant Women

Foods for pregnant women in the first trimester that are good for consumption are all kinds of foods that contain important nutrients, namely carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Not only for the health of pregnant …

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8 Danger Signs in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, pregnant women may experience various changes in the body. However, do pregnant women know that there are signs that indicate danger in pregnancy? So what are the signs of danger in pregnancy that need to be aware of it? Let's …

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Beware of Bacteria Infected Amniotic Fluid

Infected amniotic fluid is a serious condition that can have a devastating effect on both the fetus and the pregnant woman herself. To be aware of this condition, pregnant women need to know the cause and recognize the symptoms that arise due to …

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First Trimester ( 1 - 13 weeks )

2 Months Pregnancy: From Embryo to Fetus

When 2 months pregnant, the fetus in the womb has begun to develop rapidly. Maybe an enlarged stomach as a sign of pregnancy has not been clearly seen in your body. Actually, when you are 2 months pregnant there are so many processes that occur in your womb. …

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Second Trimester ( 14 - 27 weeks )

Third Trimester ( 28 - 41 weeks )

8 Months Pregnancy: Prepare Yourself for Labor

8 Months of pregnancy is a time when you have to determine where you are going to be, with what method, and prepare if you have to undergo surgery. Not only preparing baby gear, during this 8 month pregnancy you also need to be prepared to train breathing and prepare for breastfeeding. …

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