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Symptoms leukemia, causes, and treatment

Blood cancer or leukemia is a condition in which the body produces more white blood cells than normal, thus disrupting the body's function in fighting infection. Understanding leukemia is a disease that develops from the overproduction of …

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Right type of therapy for leukemia patients

Leukemia or better known as blood cancer is one type of cancer. Leukemia is caused by an increase in the number of white blood cells in the blood or bone marrow. So most of the blood cells produced through the bone marrow have abnormalities of …

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Best ways to avoid skin from sunburn

Sunburn-induced skin you can experience while lingering outdoors, especially during the day. You should be aware of this, especially the UV content in sunlight is not good for your health if you are too long exposed. Not only cause side effects such …

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5 Colon cancer symptoms You must know

Colon cancer or colon cancer is a type of cancer that attacks the colon or the last part of the human digestive system. Although this disease can occur at any age, 90 percent of the sufferers are elderly people over 60 years old. Most cases of …

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