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Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a cancer that grows in cells in the cervix. This cancer occurs when there are cells in the cervix which are not normal, and continue to develop uncontrollably. These abnormal cells can develop rapidly, resulting in tumors in the …

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Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is a cancer that starts from the liver, and can spread to other organs in the body. This condition occurs when cells in the liver mutate and form tumors. The liver is one of the organs in the body that has many important functions. …

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Let's Know the Symptoms of Brain Cancer

Some symptoms of brain cancer can resemble the symptoms of other diseases. Symptoms of brain cancer that appear depend on the type of cancer, location, and growth rate (stage) of brain cancer. To anticipate it, let's look at an explanation of …

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Drinking Tea Too Hot Can Cause Cancer?

Besides coffee, tea is a favorite drink in the whole world. That is because, besides it tastes good and can calm the mind, tea has various health benefits. However, tea drinking habits must also be considered. Drink tea at the right temperature for …

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5 Intake of Prostate Cancer Triggers

One health problem that men must watch out for is prostate cancer. Cancer that attacks the male vital organs can be caused by many things, from smoking habits, lazy to exercise, or even consumption of certain foods that have carcinogenic properties. …

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