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Floaters : Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Floaters are shadows of small to large objects that appear to hover in sight. The size of floaters can vary, from small black spots to larger shadows like the shape of a long rope. Floaters usually appear when someone sees bright light like the sun …

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Beware of Eye Disease in Diabetics

Uncontrolled high blood sugar in diabetics can cause various eye diseases. If not treated early, this condition has a high risk of causing vision problems. Some of them can even cause permanent eye damage. In the short term, high blood sugar levels …

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6 Causes of frequent eye infection

There are various types of eye infections that range from mild to severe, with various causes and treatment. Not all eye infections are life threatening, but some require medical help. Although the cause of eye infections is usually bacteria and …

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11 Ways to maintain eye health

Prevention is better than cure, no exception for eye health. Many simple ways to do it. The following easy steps can be taken to maintain the health of your eyes. The eye is one of the sensory organs that is important to humans. Maintaining eye …

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